rebuilding the temple - week 1: hunger and NOT eating my children.

Lost: 2 lbs.  (I don't plan to measure my bodyfat until week 4.)

I did it.  For the whole week, I didn't snack.  I ate 3 complete meals per day.

And for the first 2 days, it was freakin' TORTURE!  Until I was forced to face it, I hadn't really realized how much I snacked, how much I was a slave to my "I'm feeling peckish"-ness.  The kids were starting to look like lovely little lamb chops.  It was close.

Really, just look how tasty cute these two look.  Okay, it's an old shot.  They're less plump and juicy loving toward each other these days.

But when my body would scream "I'M HUNGRY!", I'd scream back "Shut it!  You're not.  Here's some green tea, baby."  And you know, the green tea worked.  It was lovely.

The only thing I dropped the ball on was getting my workouts in.  I need to do some serious muscle-building, and I didn't do anything that remotely looked like muscle-building.  Maybe muscle-not-losing.  But that's it.

And now, I'm sick.  Thanks, Mini.  And I always gain weight when I get sick.  My appetite goes up not down.  But I will prevail.

What to do this week:
- no snacking.
- no dairy.
- no bread or pasta.
- weights/resistance workouts.
- hula/walks.
- intervals/yoga.

... pretty much same as last week.


  1. You've got way more willpower than I. Ain't no way "no pasta" exists in my vocabulary. All the best of luck to you... and the kids.

  2. Yay! You go, Nenette!