there's glamourous. and then -- there's me.

Why couldn't I have looked this gorgeous when I was pregnant?...

Instead, I looked this... harsh...



  1. Dearie, with the same $40,000 makeover, you would have looked 10x as hot as Padme. And still have enough left over for the limo as well as a rock to throw at Gerard Butler for not calling yet.

    A stylish rock, too.

  2. What do you mean?!? Kate [is that her name?!?] wishes she could look like YOU when pregnant...

  3. Aww, I think you looked beautiful! People would die to have your big boobs. I love your belly. I had the big belly but the boobs were non-existent. Lucky you!

  4. Um... yeah... no dis on Natalie Portman, but you're beautiful and could have totally eclipsed her with a little Hollywood TLC... and ten thousand dollars for a custom dress, makeup, and hair job. :-)

  5. She doesn't look real. You look real,and all the better for that.

  6. i think you looked beautiful prego :-)

  7. I always have to remind my wife that Hollywood celebs can afford their own personal army of stylists, trainers & plastic surgeons. Don't let them bother you.

  8. @Harmzie: Oh, after all that, I'm sure my pretend boyfriend would call! Thanks darling.

    @PamJ: You are so lovely! Thank you... :)

    @Bruna: Yeah, I am lucky -- I definitely appreciate the boobs. LOL, I've had enough friends beat me when I complain about them to admit that I'd miss them if I didn't have them.
    I just wish they didn't get stared at so much. :)

    @Dave2: Thank you, you are so wonderful for saying so. :) I guess I just remember how crappy I felt throughout that pregnancy that, when I look at that picture, I tend to overlook how beautifully rubenesque pregnant women are.

    @Rock Chef: Oh, yes, a lot of women looked fake that night, didn't they? I too agree that real, natural women are more beautiful.

    @Overthinking Mama: Thank you! After reading all these comments, I'm starting to look at that picture of me with new eyes.

    @Vinny C: You're absolutely right. They make it their business to look that way, don't they? They pay lots of people who do a lot of work to make them look camera ready. We should remember that.

  9. Agree with all the comments above, even the rock. Esp the rock

  10. Hey, I saw you when you were pregnant... beautiful as always!

    You would have looked just as lovely in that dress. You just didn't have anything like the globes on your social calendar.

  11. You looked gorgeous - all you needed was her stylist!


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