so stylish.

OMG, I'm stylish!!!  Really, I am!  Please don't let my ketchup-stained yoga pants, faded t-shirt, and granny sweater fool you.  I can totally rock the high heels and LBD!  And if you still don't buy it, check out my latest award!

One of my new bloggie friends, the lovely and also-stylish Bruna of Bees With Honey, declared me a Stylish Blogger with this super-gorgeous Stylish Blogger Award

Thank you so much, Bruna!!!  You are so awesome!  I want to bake you a cake and brush your hair... but not in a weird and creepy way.  Anyway, you're fab, babe!
If you haven't been to see her blog, GO!  GO NOW!  Well, okay, finish reading this post, but go immediately when you're done.

Now, with this stylish power comes stylish responsibility.  I must fulfill the following stylish rules, which I've done above and below...

Rules for accepting this award are:
1. Thank & Link back to the person who awarded you this.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pay it forward to 5 recently discovered great bloggers.
4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award.
7 groovy things about ME... that aren't in my 100 things... I think:

1. I like my green tea like I like my men.  Strong and tasty.

2. Tom yum soup is my #2 favourite ethnic dish.  Make me some with extra cilantro, and I'll consider renaming my first born after you. 

3. I'm collecting all the Friends DVDs. So far, I have Seasons 1, 2, 6, 8, 9, 10.

4. As a continuation of my Hair Saga, I now wash my hair with conditioner.  I haven't used shampoo since the winter of 2008-2009.  My hair and scalp have never loved me more.

5. After losing 8 pounds via last year's FatBet, I regained it all... plus an extra 4.  So, now I'm working on going from 140 to 120, which is my healthiest weight.  Dammit.

6. Every winter, instead of wearing long underwear, I wear "fuzzy pants", or jeans with a built-in fleece liner.  Mmmm... soooo waaaaarm.... even in -40C windchill.  I highly recommend.

7. I love Luna & Larry's Organic Coconut Bliss Non-Dairy Frozen Dessert in Naked Coconut, and you should each buy me a tub of it.

~   ~   ~

I now pass on the award to the following 5 new-to-me stylish bloggers you MUST read as well...

1: Vinny C - As Vinny C's It

2: Susie - Suze Homemaker

3: Pam J - Can't Wait...

4: Rachel - The Rachel Chronicles

5: Sarah - Overthinking Mama

So, go, dear ones, check these blogs!  Go now!  You'll love 'em!


  1. You are missing some critical seasons of Friends, N! :)

  2. Oh I adore the Friends show!
    Now these fuzzy pants...mmm. Must keep an eye out for those!

  3. @Loukia: Totally! The Ross/Rachel breakup, when Phoebe is pregnant, when Ross gets married in England, when Joey/Chandler and Monica/Rachel switch apartments... I can't wait 'til Mother's Day... I should get another 1-2 seasons as presents then. :)

    @ModernMom: Do you have a Mark's Work Warehouse close to you? That's where I got my fuzzy pants! It's not the most stylish jeans in my wardrobe, but long gone are the days when "I don't care how cold I am as long as I look good" apply. :)
    They have some on their website (, but there's more of a selection at their store.
    I've also seen some online at LLBean and Old Navy. I think Gap sells some too.

  4. Thanks for the award! Now I'm motivated to knit that super stylish bolero sweater I've been eyeballing, so I feel like I live up to the title. After I finish the 6 baby blankets I need to knit by June.

    You should check out WEN hair care products. Same concept as using just conditioner. My sister swears by it and sent me a bottle. It makes your hair so silky and shiny.

  5. I don't drink tea and I've never heard of Tom Yum soup. Do you still love me?

  6. Mazel Tov, my stylish friend! We should compare yoga pants kid-stains! ;) xo

  7. @Rachel: Oh, I'd love to see that bolero! Do it, and post pictures please! :)
    WEN is the reason why I decided to do conditioner! I wanted a similar yet less expensive solution. :)

    @Avitable: Of course, my sweet. :) But you should head to your nearest Thai restaurant and get yourself a bowl of tom yum. It's perfection!

    @Haley-O: You bet, darling! Good heavens, we really need to meet up soon! :) xo

  8. Huh? Me? Stylish...?

    Why, thank you. Are slightly worn jeans cool to wear to the awards ceremony?

  9. Oh, sorry. Forgot my manners.

    Still in shock at being called stylish, I guess.

    Congrats to you as well. You definitely deserve it.

  10. I do believe the term "stylish" was penned for your blog. Actually when I re-did mine it was with yours in mind. It's beautiful! And I LOVE Tom Yum soup. I took a Thai cooking class years ago and renamed it Yum Yum soup.

    Congrats on the award, and congrats to the awardees. They totally deserve it!

    p.s. Been to Winnipeg. Totally don't miss it's blistering cold winds!

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