- read his first word "up" and second word "down" at the age of 1.5.

- when he was 2.5, read bedtime stories to himself and to his new baby sister so Mommy could nurse his sister to sleep.

- in nursery school, was sad when he found out that he couldn't give his email address to his classmates because they didn't have email. And they couldn't read.

- at the age of 7, started writing stories before bed instead of reading them.

- is one of seven Grade 3 kids in the combined Grade 3/4 class in his school.

- was one of four kids -- and the only Grade 3er -- to represent his class in yesterday's school-wide Intermediate (Grades 4/5/6) Spelling Bee.

- made it to the Top 10 of the Spelling Bee.
- got the most cheers from his classmates every time he spelled a word right... and the most "aw"s, "oh no"s, and pats on the back when he didn't.

- has a mom, who raced to the school from halfway across town to watch her boy in one of his many moments of glory,... and who, despite being able to take only one crappy picture from her cell phone, is sharing because she wants everyone to know that her son is AWESOME!!!  (yup, he's the tiny one in the middle with the 2 empty seats beside him.  :D)


  1. Awwww. So sweet.

    You also just described me as a kid. Well, except for the email thing, because that didn't exist. But everything else, including being the youngest person at the spelling bee!

  2. GO little man!!! that's awesome. I'm proud of him too!

  3. @Avitable: So, he's going to grow up to be just as thoughtful, intelligent, and cuddly, like you! But does that mean that Playgirl and nut pics are also in his future?

    @kyooty: Aw. :) The feeling is understandable -- you're one of his online "aunties" being there with him, and me, since his beginning!

  4. Like you said, he is AWESOME! Well done Lam!

  5. Wow! I know parents are supposed to be proud of their kids, but he's definitely making it easy for you. Good job, little dude.

  6. @myrtle: Thanks, my dear! knowing he has a bunch of "aunties" cheering in the background is very encouraging!

    @Vinny C: Thank you so much! I'd like to think he's inherited some good genes, but he's definitely gone above and beyond what Roomie and I've been able to accomplish. LOL

  7. WOOHOO! That's awesome. p.s. you're way ahead of me in the photography department. i just say "engrave it into your brain, buddy" and leave it at that. I'm an awesome parent, clearly.

  8. Wooohooo!! That's awesome. My boy did the whole "represent in 3rd grade and show everyone what his DNA can do" thing too... You must be VERY proud!
    Also, I'm proud of you because this year I totally forgot about the spelling bee so I didn't show up :(
    It's totally my fault my son didn't win it.

  9. He is clearly gifted! A gift like this is to be encouraged, but not pushed.

    I take it that you are a little bit proud of him...

  10. @Elizabeth: Thanks! Usually, my camera and I are like co-joined siblings. My mental pictures aren't as reliable as my actual pictures. :)

    @Magical M: Yes, we're awesome proud moms, aren't we?! Thanks!

    @Rock Chef: Oh, yes, just a tad proud. :) We've been very fortunate that we don't have to push either of our kids to excel. In fact, I've had to pull them back a little -- I don't want them to feel any stress in academia. Like I did.
    I was pushed as a kid -- it was a nightmare.