I wasn't drunk or high. Delusional? Yeah, that's it.

I don't "partake".  No, I'm old and experienced enough to know that my body is a temple.  I am fully aware that anything other than good, clean food and drink would impair the temple's physical health, self-control, and decision-making functions.

Okay, if so, then what the hell came over me to decide to volunteer for my son's class trip to Oak Hammock Marsh?  You know, the trip where I'd be SNOWSHOEING IN -31C WINDCHILL?!!!

As I've emphasized time and again here, I am an island-girl.  Tropical weather?  Good.
Weather indigenous to areas as frickin' far away from the equator as possible?  Not so good.

But when I asked my son if he wanted me to be there, his so-non-committal-"sure, if you want"-it-might-as-well-have-meh-in-front-of-it told me he did.  Oh, yes, that's what he meant.  If you have a son like mine, you'll know what I mean.

So, I went.

On the way there, a window on the bus fell out, and we had to transfer onto a different school bus in the middle of the highway.  We arrived half an hour late.

I got to play Telephone with the girls in the class during lunch.

We learned that wetlands are characterized by water depth of 2 meters or less.  (I believe in life-long learning, baby!)

I taught the kids what an "amphibian" was.

I was called the Cool Mom for packing a bag of Hickory Sticks in Lam's lunch bag. 

I went snowshoeing for the first time in my life!

The bus, which was supposed to pick us up at 1:15pm to head back to school, came for us at 2:15pm.  (Yes, we had to entertain a bunch of Grade 3/4 for a full hour!)

I took a ton of pictures of this dude.  (Yes, that one's mine.)

And yes, I totally froze my ass and left ear!

Regrets?  Of course not!  My kid's worth it, dammit!  And I could tell he enjoyed having his mom there.  :)

Besides, how much longer will I be welcome to these things?  How much longer 'til I'm cramping his style?  When he gets a "rep" that he needs to protect?  When he doesn't want the girl he likes to think he's a "Mama's Boy"?

Don't know!  So, until then, I'm volunteering for lots more stuff.  No matter what it is.

Next event: February 25th Outdoor Winter Games with toboggan races, quinzie building, snowshoeing, and snow soccer.  It'll probably be -31C windchill again.  Hold me.


  1. Your such a good Mommy Nenette! I love how you tell stories. You're so darn funny:)

  2. @Bruna: Thanks so much, Bruna! But really, in situations like that, if I don't laugh about it, I'll weep. LOL :)

  3. So you grew up in Hawaii or somewhere warm like that?

    So what in the name of all that is holy persuaded you to move to the frozen wastelands of Canada??????

    Sorry if you have explained this in the past - I must have missed it and am too lazy to search the archives...

  4. @Rock Chef: Ha! You're so funny! :) I was born in the Philippines, and 4 days before my 4th birthday, my parents and I moved here to Canada. I really had no choice in the move.