demolition, the doorbell, and mo.

10:05am - As I type, three men -- hammers in hand -- are demolishing BOTH of my bathrooms.  Yes, folks, it's finally happening!  After a year of putting up with a defective bathroom, construction -- well, at least, destruction for now -- is in progress.  But after the dudes go, it'll be a shell of a bathroom with a marginally usable shower... for the next while until we get someone in to finish all the work.  Bummer.

2:46pm - I ran out of yarn for that project that he won.  I need to get more.  I'm in the Knitting Zone, and if I wait too long, I'll fall out of the zone.

4:10pm - The frickin' doorbell's broken.  It keeps dinging, and dinging, and dinging... gah!  Roomie better get home to fix this thing, or I'm going to get one of those beloved hammers and "fix" it myself.

As you see, chaos reigns in my house.  My head hurts.  Stupid broken doorbell.

So, today, I will give you something that makes me smile.  Because I need it.  And hopefully, it'll make you smile too.  It's Roomie's Movember Mo that he sported to help support prostate cancer awareness. He's not giving his 70's porn look in that pic, but it's there.  Somewhere.



  1. Why did you schedule the demolition work without scheduling the rebuilding immediately after? I don't understand... when I read that you were demolishing I was thinking to myself "oh no, I hope nothing goes wrong and they get the bathroom rebuilt in time for Christmas". Because with no toilet, how would Mr Hankey get to make his visit?

    That's a great photo. Man, with that moustache does he ever look like his oldest brother!

  2. @Albert: Worry not! All toilets are hooked up and ready for the arrival of our favourite Christmas poo. :) (The tub and shower nozzle are also hooked up. We just need to put up some temporary plastic on the walls for showering purposes.)

  3. You are having both done at once? Oh, you brave, impetuous fools! :-)

    Still, I guess you get a better price by doing it that way - hope all goes well!

  4. Aaaaahhhh, I don't know how you can stand to have 2 unfinished bathrooms. I hope you get it done quick!

    And yeah, is that 'stache still on? It's halfway through dec. :) Most of my friends insisted their spouses shave theirs off at 12:01am on Dec 1st

  5. @Rock Chef: LOL yes, we are ridiculously foolish. :) But luckily, it turned out to be just the ceiling of the downstairs bathroom that needs repair. All the fixtures are still hooked up.

    @Su: Nope, the mo met its demise on Dec. 1. I kind of miss it a little. Just a little.

  6. ah yes. Bathroom reno. Hopefully your demo wasn't as dusty as ours. Old plaster walls make lots of dust. Looking forward to seeing the beautiful new rooms!

    doorbell - we've been without one for about 7 years now. Hubby cut the cord when fixing the wall in the hallway. We bought a cordless one, but it's never really worked. Not sure where it is now actually.

  7. Oh, and nice 'stash on Roomie. Much less grey than my hubby's was.

  8. i can hear that doorbell in my head. ding. ding. ding. AHHHHHH! someone save me.

    seriously though, leave your abode. or, use a bat. maybe that will keep it quiet.=)