all I want for the holidays is...

... to not be coughing up various body parts.  I think my right lung is around here somewhere.  Have you seen the left one?

And if you're a FB friend, you'll also know that Mini and Roomie have been sick as well.  Lam's managed to dodge that bullet.  For now.

But by far, Mini's had it worst.

She's been down for the count since Thursday.  Fever, runny nose, coughing.  And nosebleeds!  Oh, the nosebleeds!  The first night, she bled for 10 minutes straight!  Blood everywhere!  Like the shower scene from Psycho.  Minus the knife.  And shower.  And water.  And Janet Leigh.

I got the bleeding down, while Roomie tried to figure out what was wrong.  Did you know that the country that googles "nose bleeds" the most is The Philippines?!  Yeah!  Apparently, my old countrymen get nosebleeds a lot.  Weird.

Anyway, Mini's feeling much better today, but not 100%.  So she's still home today and missing the last day of school before Christmas break.  I'm sure her classmates' parents would shower me with kisses and chocolate in appreciation for me keeping my kid home and NOT coughing up gooey germs all over their kids in time for the Holidays.  Yup, I rock.

But despite feeling so polly-wally-crappy, Mini has never lost her great attitude.  Well, you would too if you had hair like hers.  It seriously puts my 80's hair to shame.

Me: "Okay, honey, after you finish your noodle soup and chocolate longjohn, I need to comb out your hair.  You've been lying on it unbrushed for 4 days."

Mini: "But Mama, my hair is so pretty!"


  1. Lordy, that is some awesome hair.=)

    Here's hoping Mini feels better soon.

  2. Oh my. I would suggest some leave in conditioner before you try to get a comb through there.

  3. Love her hair! I hope everyone in your family is super healthy and happy for Christmas Day!