winning is cool.

Wow, do you guys ever love cheese!  I'm starting to think that I should've also asked what kind of cheese you all like, because I need to live vicariously.  You see, I too adore cheese, but my ND has put them on my Forbidden List.  Sad.  Because I do love a good chunk of Wensleydale every once in a while.

If you know what I mean.  ;)

Anyway, I will keep the poll up until tomorrow, so tell your friends, your family, your neighbour, your neighbourhood hobo, and hobos from other neighbourhoods that they still have a chance to vote for their fave layout for their fave blog.  Yes, this blog is their fave blog.  And yours too.

(Big segue here) And having all of you wonderful folks chiming in, voting, visiting, and loving Life Candy -- and by transitive property, loving me too -- makes me a winner!

This is why I'm a total liar when I say "I never win", because I totally do.  Here's more evidence that I win...

1: From Miss Nikki
I am a winner because Miss Nikki said so.  She's moving, and she asked all of us to announce to all and sundry that she wants money for her stuff, so she's not entirely poor when she travels.  And if we did as she decreed, one of us lucky folk would get some of her fave stuff.  Yup, I was the lucky folk!  And I got...

I think there are a couple of things missing in the pic because my kids took them and squirreled them away.  I was lucky I got the "goo timer" back from Mini for this pic.  I had to give it back afterward.

2: From Loukia
My darling buddy Loukia hosted this wonderful giveaway a while back.  Two autographed books by Alison McGhee!  They are so beautiful, I almost never let my kids touch them.  Look!  They're so pretty!

3: From Rougie
Way back, my sweet friend Rougie needed some ideas for a name.  Every Friday, on her old blog, she'd feature something delightfully food-oriented, and she wanted to call this feature something equally delightful.  I entered with "Feed Me Fridays", and she loved it.  So, she sent me THE BEST TASTING COOKIES IN THE UNIVERSE!!!
Recently, one of my BFFs also won a Rougie contest, and because I live a block away, Rougie packed some extra cookies for me!  Yes, (a) I am such a winner that I also have the power to win indirectly, and (b) my friends rock!
See?  Best cookies ever!  (Note says "Share with Nen")

4: From Heaven/The Universe
I'm not religious, but I'm somewhat spiritual, and I know I was given These Folks by someone/something who thinks I did something awesome. Because only a winner would win such awesomeness...

Uh, what the-?!

ps - I also think The Universe has a sense of humour.

So, what have you won lately?


  1. You can't eat cheese?

    Wow, that would be a major blow to me - my whole family eats the stuff by the ton - most meals feature a bowl of grated cheese. My eldest son even puts it on his curry!

    Hope they change their minds about you soon. Wensleydale is one of the best - they even mention it in Wallace and Gromit for goodness sake!

    Carry on winning!

  2. I won Winter 2010 from Rougie. I won Charlie Brown DVDs :) She rocks. I won an Apron from Apron Frenzy during BlogherHome 2010 too.

  3. Like you, I won a family of awesome. With a side of hilarious. :)

  4. Hah! I can't believe that Harmzie actually shared. I had my doubts...

  5. I feel for you about the cheese and KNOW how hard it is NOT to be able to eat it. So not fair!

    Congrats on all your winnings! Me thinks I need to start entering some contests!

    I think the last prize you posted was THE best one. Cute kids and hubby!

  6. Mmmmm.....cheese. Even at 8:50 am, a nice hunk of cheese sounds so right.

    Wow, you are lucky! I've only won one thing in my entire life- a botox session when I was just 19 years old. I gave it to my mom and her paralyzed face thanked me for months.=)

  7. Like you, I've been gifted a beautiful family