day 15 of 90: the temple and the monthly visit

Lost: 2 pounds

Thing is, I know I could've lost more. But I didn't because of one thing: Aunt Flo. Yes, folks, this one, once again, is about my menstrual cycle. I know, you've missed these kinds of posts. It's the reason why you tune in. Of course.

But really, it's hard to exercise, when you're in so much pain that all you can do is curl up in the fetal position on the couch and moan.

It's hard to shake the weight, when your body wants to retain every ounce of water it gets its grubby little hands on.

It's hard to stay primal, when your carb-craving brain is screaming "Eat that rye toast or I'll stab you in the face!"

For 7 bloody days. Literally. I know, ew. Sorry.

So, yeah, 2 pounds was all I could drop. And even that was hard won.

But I'm hoping that'll all change. In exactly one week.

On the 23rd, I'll be having day-surgery to remove the polyps which are allegedly the cause of my monthly woes. General anesthetic. D&C. No overnight stay. But perhaps some morphine. Or Tylenol 3.
Mmm... painkillers...

Anyway, not sure where my FatBet will be as a result, but I plan to do a cleanse shortly after the surgery to get the bad anesthetic stuff and drugs out of my system.

Maybe my bodyfat will get the hint and follow along. Wish me luck!

toast of much evilness


  1. I do hope this isn't something Genetic that you have passed on to your daughter. I can remember the days of cranky and up all hours wondering just when the pain would stop, and then having to get up in the morning. ugh! Feel better soon, xingfingers for your painkillers, may they be VERY good to you.

    Also Word Captcha epain too fitting

  2. MMMMmmm....I love rye toast. With lots of butter. And a sprinkly of sea salt...