I'm good at.

kapil and me{shamelessly stolen from Adam}

  • Shamelessly stealing blogging ideas from super clever people.
  • Transcribing music -- which came in handy when doing cover songs with my band.
  • Forgetting to recharge my cellphone.
  • Frying rice - here's how I do it.
  • Remembering obscure lines from movies.
  • Hula dancing! Whoo-chow!
  • Giving too much information. Don't believe me? Read the rest of my blog, babe.
  • Driving a stick shift... with nary a bounce!
  • Multitasking.
  • Worrying like a mad lady.
  • Making banana muffins (which I no longer eat, but the kids LOVE).
  • Painting walls.
  • Putting the Fear of God in my children with just one look.
  • Empathizing.
  • Spider Solitare.
  • Making things grow in the garden... includes weeds and ant hills.
  • French-braiding my own hair... yet I suck at french-braiding others'.
  • Making new friends.
  • Planning stuff -- just need to work on follow-thru.
  • Making lists.

  • And you?


    1. You forgot to add "Being a genius" and "Looking mighty hot and tempting" to your list.

    2. I challenge you to a spider solitaire duel - I'm pretty good at it too :P

    3. I was enjoying a fresh batch of fried rice made by some leftover hibachi steak lunch from the day before as I was reading this. And let me tell you, it tasted much better the day after! :)