let's assume I have time to watch tv: fall 2010.

Do Lois and Clark finally become the dynamic duo they're destined to be? Is Will going to find a way to win back Kali's trust? Will the rag-tag Destiny crew be able to kick the Lucian Alliance in the ass? Will the Doctor, Amy, and Rory discover why the Tardis exploded? And who is River Song really?!

I'm hurtin' to find out, dear lovelies!

Well, my long summer wait is finally over, and soon, my questions will be answered! All my favourite shows are back! Except for the ones canceled, of course. I'm still mad about Stargate Atlantis and Defying Gravity. And oh, yeah, except for Doctor Who, which will air a bit later because the Brits do things in their own unique and very sexy way in their own unique and very sexy time.


Very much like last year, I have once again drawn up my tv-viewing schedule. It's rather ambitious for a busy lady, so on the crazy days, granny here is kickin' it old school and settin' her VCR. Yeah, I don't have one o' dem newfangled PVR thingamaboobers.

Also, I wrote the list of shows I don't plan to watch. Many of them are quite popular, so please don't hate me if I don't like Dancing with the Stars. Even if Maks makes me giggle like a school girl.

Okay, without further ado, my Fall 2010 TV viewing schedule... Let me know if you see a theme. :)

Shows I will try not to miss:
6pm - Chuck (Space) Ch. 39 - Starts September 26


8pm - Glee (Global) Ch. 12
8pm - Eureka (Space) Ch. 39 - Starts October 5.

8pm - Supernatural (Space) Ch. 39 - Starts September 29.

8pm - Fringe (Fox) Ch. 49

7pm - Smallville (Space) Ch. 39 - Starts September 24
8pm - Sanctuary (Space) Ch. 39 - Starts October 15
9pm - Stargate Universe (Space) ch. 39 - Starts October 1


Shows I LOVE that are on everyday or at weird times that I will NEVER miss even if I should:
Doctor Who (Space) Ch. 39
iCarly (YTV) Ch. 22
Stargate Atlantis (Space) Ch. 39
Futurama (Teletoon) Ch. 43
Wizards of Waverly Place (Family) Ch. 34
Sunny with a Chance (Family) Ch. 34
Good Luck, Charlie (Family) Ch. 34
Various HGTV shows Ch. 24
Torchwood (Space) Ch. 39

Shows that tempt me but not enough to include them in my schedule, but may still watch if I have the time:
Hawaii Five-0
True Blood

Shows others recommend that I just can't or won't get into for fear that it will suck me in and spit out only a shell of the human I once was:
Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Gossip Girl, 90210, The Hills, Grey's Anatomy, Survivor, Amazing Race, Vampire Diaries, American/Canadian Idol, Desperate Housewives...

How about you?...

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  1. Man, for the second year in a row you leave 30 Rock off your list. How can anyone pass up a show that has Buzz Aldrin yelling a the moon, telling it "I know what you're doing! Return to the night!" and "I walked on your face!".

    And Canada's Worst Driver is pretty good.
    It explains a lot of what you see on the road,
    people are driving poorly because they truly
    are self-obsessed morons who don't know that
    they don't know what they're doing.

  2. The Big Bang Theory, House.
    Departures is awesome, but has sadly ended except for the reruns I haven't seen.

    People think River is his wife,
    but I doubt it's that simple.

  3. Dr Who -- love it!

    Torchwood - best ever! Bring it back!

    And yes I am sucked in to many of the sucky ones on your last list...

  4. Dude! Add Community. And True Blood. Right NOW.

  5. @Albert: Yeah, I keep forgetting 30 Rock! I wonder why.

    @Anon: River does hint that she's his wife, but she seems to hint that there's some major complication. I'd like to find out soon, but I gotta say that I'm enjoying the mystery!

    @Brahm: I think Torchwood's coming back at the start of next year, but reaching North American audiences in the spring. I hope! :)

    @Avitable: I haven't seen Community yet! Okay, I'll check it out. :)