where I'm not saying "wiggle it or die!"

I'm going to have to break a promise. I said that I'd put up a video of my hula demo at my kids' school BBQ. Unfortunately, Roomie and I realized that every video displayed the gigantic wall mural with the school name in all its green-and-yellow glory.

Not cool. Who wants weirdos, who land here while googling for "chicks with dicks", to know where my kids go to school?!

So, you get this lovely still of me...

You're welcome.


  1. Good call - I am sure we will all forgive you.

  2. Still you are looking good!!!:)

  3. Can't you re-enact it in an undisclosed location?

    BTW, you aren't going to trick me into clicking on that link. I got in all kinds of trouble with my wife last time I googled "chicks with dicks."

  4. I'm pretty sure you said "wiggle it or die".

  5. I haven't hula hooped in years!

    Happy blogoversary :)

  6. @Rock Chef: Thanks, I thought so. :)

    @kyooty: Thanks... wish my hair was longer though. It grows fast, but just not fast enough!

    @Beta Dad: Ha! Roomie had a good laugh at your comment. :) As for the re-enactment, I don't know when I'll be dancing hula again anytime soon. But when I do, we'll make sure we don't have any tell-tale signs in the video.

    @harmzie: Sounds like something I'd say. You were there, and it was all a big blur to me. :)

    @Teena: Actually, I have hula hooped in years either. ;) That hula demo I did was of the Hawaiian cultural dance variety. No hoop involved! :)