copy cat.

The cat's been doing some odd stuff. It's still stuff cats would normally do, but she's never done them before. Like choosing a spot in the middle of the floor to drop and sprawl. She usually prefers the couches or the Annoying Caillou chair, but not lately. [1]

So, Roomie and the kids decided to see what all the fuss is about...

Verdict: Meh.

[1] - Update: No, it's not a temperature thing. Mittens is not trying to get cool. We have air conditioning. And be thankful we do, because otherwise, you'd be enjoying a "much-less-dressed Roomie" rather than a "full-pajama'd Roomie" in this picture.


  1. LOL! *exactly* what the cat would say!

  2. heat Rises, she's full of fur, she's trying to find the coolest place in the house. My Cat is living under my bed.

  3. @harmzie: yeah :) and the cat looked at us like we were crazy too.

    @kyooty: we have air conditioning. the whole house is cool. if she was so hot, she'd park herself in front of the vent! :) no, this is more of a "weird cat" thing than a temperature thing.

  4. Fantastic pic!

    Bottome line, cats are weird...

  5. My weird cat does this winter or summer. So I'm with you it's not a heat issue. He just has to be relaxed enough to sprawl. Frequently, he will do this right in a path where we have to walk, and of course being a cat doesn't move EVER!

  6. @Brahm: Thanks! And yes, they are. Yet I can't help but love 'em. :)

    @LRM: YES! And they look at us like "What, you can't take the extra 2 seconds to walk around me, peasant? This is MY spot, find your own. Lazy humans..."

  7. I have three cats. None actually live with me, they just hang out with me when I'm working in the yard and they think I like them.

    Cats are weird.