princess, pokemon & the 6th.

I did not expect it AT ALL. And when I tell you, you will be equally shocked and amazed. So brace yourselves...

My daughter wanted a Dancing Princess Birthday Party.

I will now wait for you to pick yourself up from your faint before I go on. Take your time. I know how stunned you were.

Ready? Okay.

Seriously, if you know my Mini, you'd know DANCING IS HER LIFE, so when I told her that her dance school hosts birthday parties, she just about had-a-bird/peed-her-pants/exploded/all-of-the-above.

For an hour, Mini, her brother, and 10 of her school friends hopped, twirled, and played games under the watchful eye of Miss Megan to the timeless tunes of the Princess and the Frog soundtrack.

Afterward, the little balls of energy were good and ready to enjoy cheese pizza, pop, and the true shock of the event... a slice of Pokemon cake! Because -- let's face it -- a dancing princess birthday party wouldn't be the same without Piplup.

Lam was an awesome big brother. He even helped his sister by reading her cards out loud.

And Mini thanked her friends with a carefully selected loot bag which included a most appropriate disco mirror ball. She was so happy with her party. To her, it was all worthy of a dancing princess.

Happy 6th Birthday, my darling girl!
We love you!


  1. So now I want to have a dancing princess party. Is that as appropriate when turning 35 as it is when turning 6? PS Mini looks lovely - just like a princess!

  2. What a perfect birthday party!

    I miss my kids watching Pokemon, they are too old now. My favourite was Jigglypuff.

  3. How cool!

    Happy birthday!!

  4. Awesome!! Happy birthday lil cuz!!

  5. Happy b-day Mini! Looks like she had a blast.

  6. 6! where of where did the time come from? What a great party she had.

  7. Happy birthday Mini!!!

  8. Happy birthday to your baby girl!