her very first dance recital.

22 June 2010

On June 5th, I had the honour and pleasure of watching my daughter complete her first year of dance school. Yes, folks, my tiny dancer celebrated her year in the Ballet/Tap/Jazz Class with a grand dance recital at the Centennial Concert Hall.

Together with her 9 classmates, she twisted, danced to the Blues Brothers, and shook her tail feathers. Roomie, Lam, and my sister enjoyed the show from fabulous 5th row seats, but as the volunteer mom for her class, I had an even better view from my perch stage left. I could see her smile to the audience, gracefully sweep her hands, and tap her toes at the most perfectly correct moments.

OMG, darling readers, my heart kersploded with pride, and I cheered her on, loud and clear, just because I (and probably a gaggle of ninjas armed with gags and straight jackets) couldn't stop myself. Many times, I came so close to tears, because That Little Girl Is MY Baby!!!

And yes, she loved it. Next year: Grade 1 Ballet/Jazz! Yay!

PS - On the way home after the show, she asked if she could have suction cups "just 'cuz".

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Rock Chef said...

Aw,so sweet!

My younger daughter started doing dance classes - loved it for a few weeks, so we bought her all the kit she needed - she never went again!

But she did dress up in the stuff we had bought her so it wasn't a complete waste.

kyooty said...

What a great opportunity for her!! I'm so glad she loved it.

harmzie said...

ZOMG girlfriend I totally get that. I was never smart enough to volunteer as stage mommy (how dumb is THAT? Pay extra for faraway seats?) but I had my heart explode in my chest like that. It's awesome!

She's so adorable and you can see the energy in that photo!


kayni said...

looks like she's having a ball :).

Haley-O said...

Awww! I was JUST there a week or so ago with my daughter. Even though I had to sit through 2 three-hour shows, it was worth it just to see my BABY's 3 minutes on stage. Oy. So precious. HUGS! She looks ADORABLE in the picture!

Caitlin D said...


I took dance classes when I was younger. I really regret giving up ballet and tap. The classes were always really fun :)

Kari said...

Oh what fun! I took ballet, tap and jazz for ten years and loved the recitals! I'm so excited for your daughter!

Rougeneck said...

Looks like she inherited her mama's good looks and dancing genes...you have much to be proud of!

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