weaponry for the 8th: a birthday post.

9 boys
2 girls
5 to 10 years of age
a LOT of sugar
... and a bunch of bows and arrows

Are you imagining chaos, mayhem, punctured children? Yeah, so was I, but hey, an afternoon at the archery range for my son's 8th birthday party seemed harmless enough. Right?

Sure enough, it wasn't all "groupies at a Justin Bieber concert". Here's one of our rare moments of order...

I know you probably don't recognize it, but that's what "kids quietly paying attention" looks like. Whoa, weird, right?

They obviously listened long enough to learn the basics and show us what they could do. Lam proved that he had the mad archery skills to give Green Arrow some serious competition...

Even little sister Mini showed that at the tender age of 5 she already has what it takes to fulfill her dream of becoming a Super-Model/Rocket-Scientist/Dancer/Archer...

Now, I gotta say that I wish we'd gone down to see the venue before we booked it. It looked like someone's gungy basement complete with dripping pipes and corners that look suspiciously moldy. But of course, the kids didn't seem to care.

Especially after they got their chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles.
At which point they became rabid, like Cujo, started foaming at the mouth, and truly went nuts...

Pepper, Mini & Lam all sugared up and ready to PAR-TAY!!!

Happy 8th Birthday, my dear son! We love you!


  1. That last picture . . . BEST PICTURE EVAR! *lol*

  2. What a cool idea! Excellent

  3. What a great party! You can see how much they loved it too!

  4. You're a brave, brave woman to arm small children with weapons AND chocolate. Glad you survived. A very Happy Birthday to Lam!

  5. Happy 8th birthday! That party looks GREAT! And your kids are, hello!?, GORJ!!!