happy pi day!

It's the 23rd Annual Pi Day! Now, get out there and eat pie, make pi cubes, enjoy life 3.14 times more, and celebrate the best numerical constant ever!*

(Via Burton MacKenZie)

* - with "c" coming in at a close second.


  1. Yay for pi! I'm currently taking precalculus 1, which means yes there is actually a precal 2. We don't do the pi thing to much there. Oh, pi, how I miss thee!

  2. And silly me - I baked cookies this morning. I guess now I need to go bake a pie.

  3. You really are a nerd. lol. and you know I say that with lots of love! ;)

  4. Yeah for Pi day. We had plans to do the whole Pie thing and, well you know, life got away from us. Cute post, though!


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