so long, fort awesome.

Every winter, Roomie and the kids make a quinzhee, a snow shelter or cave, in our back yard. It's a fun and simple activity all the "outdoors folk" in my house (ie. not me) really enjoy doing. Plus, it's a chance for Roomie to impart an important survival skill to his kids -- in case they find themselves stranded in the middle of our Canadian wilderness in the dead of winter with nothing but a shovel and their incredible cuteness.

See? Incredible cuteness.

"Fort Awesome" is in honour of the mansion of our favourite eccentric billionaire, Jimmy James on NewsRadio.

This year, with the crapload of snow shoveled from our walkway and raked from our roof, Roomie was able to throw the biggest snow hill yet. After giving the snow hill some time to settle and harden, he excavated a huge multi-roomed quinzhee so the kids can have a little cave to hang out and play in.
Shovel-shovel-shovel, throw-throw-throw, dig-dig-dig, then BAM! -- a place for survival and tea parties!

Sadly, we have to bid an early "Bye-bye now" to Fort Awesome. With temperatures rising to 10C (50F), we'll have Puddle Awesome before we know it*.

Out go the blanket that kept bums warm, the plastic ninja sword to keep the crazies out, the tea set that refreshed little visiting friends, and the cool light that made Fort Awesome look so very awesome.
For Daddy.
When he'd hide there.
At night.
Like a mole.

So, adieu, Fort Awesome. See you next year! We'll all miss you.

* - Last year, this time, it was -19C (-2F).


  1. That is truly AWESOME. I want one!!

  2. Wow what fun for the kids. WE didn't do anything like that we just slid down the front lawn hoping to make it to the road and across to the ditch on he other side. Next year we'll make it?

  3. Now wouldn't the Wild West have been a much nicer place if the forts had been given names like that?

    Thanks for sharing this - now I will know what to do if I ever get stranded...