yes, jillian michaels, you may now kick my ass.

My son actually told me that my Mii didn't look like me, because she was TOO SKINNY. Well, hell. He didn't say "Momma, you're fat", but dang, that was close enough.

So,because I obviously can't do it on my own, I've decided to call in the big guns. And by that, I mean the gorgeously evil lady of torture here. My new bff. Jillian Michaels.

Like several awesome bloggerinas have done, I've decided to do The 30 Day Shred.

Yes, folks, I'm a Shredhead! See?

And really, it's time I got my act together and got healthy.

Because I'm 40 years old...
Because both my parents have blood pressure problems that started in their 40s...
Because my last check-up turned up borderline high cholesterol...
Because I have every intention of being around long enough to see my grandchildren's graduations...

... and because I will wear a hot new bathing suit to the beach in July. Like this one...

... wheather I'm a svelte 20lbs-less or blobby like I am right now. And I DO NOT want to be mistaken for a beached whale.

Okay, to be an official Shredhead, Shred Maven Kristen asked for some public humiliation baseline sharing...

a) Before pictures: Because I don't own a workout bra to pose in, I can spare y'all from a horrifying picture of me that will burn your brain and scald your retinas. You can thank me later.

Instead, you'll get this...

When I'm healthy, my face, belly, and fingers are not puffy like that.

b) Starting weight: 136 lbs

c) Goal: to be better, stronger, faster... actually, 118lbs, 21% bodyfat, or a size 5, whichever comes first (aka, my healthy 2006 weight)

d) Diet Plan/Rules: nothing drastic, just common sense stuff...
- no dairy or sugars
- portion control
- more veggies/fruit
- more water

e) Shred Plan: starting level 1 on Monday, then everyday.

Oh, crap, what have I gotten myself into?...


  1. Nice Cuz!

    I just posted mine.

    Let's keep each other in check, ya?

  2. sounds frightening.... and like something I need. Now that we have a nice big mirror in our new bathroom I get a good view of myself right out of the shower. that is not a pretty sight.

  3. No Dairy or no Diaries?

  4. Sounds like a great, pretty realistic plan! :) I"m about to reattempt the EA Sports 30 day challenge, and finish it this time! here's hoping I stick with it...

  5. I think you look great the way you are, but good luck on the new diet!