210 calories

fried egg + steamed rice = happy nenette


  1. Nice dish.

    (...but... the egg looks so lonely without some bacon... or sausages... and toast! :-( )

  2. Mmm... never had the 2 together, but looks soo good! I'm totally craving fried eggs right now... yum!

  3. yummy!!! breakfast of champions :)

  4. I've never thought of rice with eggs? but yet stirfried rice and eggs?yes? hmmmmm

  5. i grew up eating rice with eggs.... that's a REAL breakfast =) but i do agree, there needs to be a third part... maybe one sausage? or a piece of turkey bacon???? =)


  6. @Albert: mmm...bacon...

    @Robin: I highly recommend it! :)

    @Loukia: You need to try it! With a nice splash of soy sauce too. Oh, but the best is, instead of steamed rice, fried egg with GARLIC FRIED RICE... OMG, that's heavenly. :)

    @BOSSY: Okay, then, come on over, girlfriend!

    @R: Oh, totally!

    @kyooty: this photo has steamed rice, not fried. calories skyrocket with fried... but so does flavour!

    @pianistagurl: oh, yeah, totally! It's comfort food for me, reminds me of family growing up.
    yeah, I wouldn't kick bacon out of the bowl for eating crackers, IYKWIM. :)