even goddesses-to-be have to-do lists.

My latest Canada Moms Blog post has been picked up for syndication! It's my 3rd, folks, and I'm more than honoured for the hat trick. Go and check it out!

I love a new year. Don't you? It's a time to start anew, to begin again. And that's just what I'm doing, because last year, I made 5 resolutions, and got none of them done. It just makes me want to scream or eat a lot of chocolate. So I did. Both.

Now, it's 2010! And folks, this is THE year. Really, I totally feel it. It's the year I finally step up and become Goddess. You know, claim my rightful title. Some people are Captain, Sargent, Doctor -- I'm Goddess. Tada!

Okay, The Goddess Nenette lives a pretty damn awesome life, so to be her, I totally have to get my shit together. That means work, and lots of it. No time to lose.

Here's my To-Do List of 2010. The central theme is Health and Simplicity. Check it out...

Nenette in July 20061: Get down to and maintain a healthy 118lbs -- like I did in 2006 -- and get into a new little bathing suit by July. How? More exercise, less crap food. You know, the simple basics.

2: Make a control journal or home management notebook to organize the hell out of my life -- and maybe my floors can get washed more often than once every couple of months.

3: Cut down on my number of commitments, including the number of blogs I write for. Just streamlining the brainfarts.

4: Spend more time playing with the family. And if I'm really lucky, avoid getting my ass kicked by them at all Wii Sports Resort games once in a while.

5: Go pro by September. So, I can make more money without having to get dressed. In outside clothes, and out of my pajamas. Sheesh, I meant problogging, people! Whatever else could I have meant?

6: Get to sleep by 9:30pm, because I always wake up at 6:30am no matter what time I go to bed. Totally sucks when I go to bed at 2am.

7: Go out for dinner with my pretend boyfriend Gerard Butler, dazzle him with my beauty and wit, and despite all his begging, refuse to run away with him. I obviously can't seem to let this one go.

8: Finish current home reno projects in the livingroom, diningroom, bathroom, and familyroom, so I can entertain friends for a change, instead of the other way around ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME!

9: Grow out my hair. (Check this one month progress!)

BEFORE - Dec 2, 2009

AFTER - January 2, 2010

Okay, those are my goals. I'll be writing about them in the future especially about my fitness plan. That bad boy's the big one!

How about you? What are you're projects/goals for 2010?


  1. Total congrats on the third syndication!
    As for me?
    I need to drink more water.
    Especially now that I have one of those water/fridge dispenser things.

  2. Congratulations on the syndication! Again! woo hoo!

    Nice list too... sounds a lot like my list. Just change the goal weight in number 1 and remove the pro blogging, date with Gerry and growing out the hair.

  3. but I like your hair "both" ways!!! last month and this month.
    Go you! i'm sure you can do everything you set your mind to.

  4. 9. But your hair looks so nice cut like that too!

    8. Your friends don't care whether the renos are finished. As long as there's a working bathroom you're in a position to entertain to some degree. Your friends want to see you and your family, not whether you've mastered drywall patching or whatever.

    6. 9:30? What, are you 80 years old?
    Craig Ferguson doesn't even come on until 12:30 (or is he on at 11:30 in the central time zone?).

    If I learned one thing from Paul Shaffer (and I have learned many things from him - ask your hubbie what he taught us when we met him in a parking lot in Thunder Bay in 1987!) it's that "the later, the hipper".

    Or your buddy, Sting, sang "Some, they say, are sleeping the days away, no way, I may as well play!".

    Or Stanley Coren (author of Sleep Thieves) wrote that restricting your hours of sleep results in an almost automatic weight loss. I know that when we had babies in the house and I was sleeping much less than normal, my weight dropped although I was getting the same amount of exercise and nutrition.

    2. Control journal? Yes, I was just thinking, what all women need is something to aid in their control freakishness! :-) Lee Valley sells the Harvard Planner, very good but perhaps a bit big to carry everywhere. I'm surprised you don't have a PDA or smartphone that does this, I thought you did but was obviously mistaken.
    But even my wife's $50 cell phone has the ability to schedule, provide alarms, and enter notes - it's just a pain with the phone keypad unless you're an SMS sort of person.

    Keep up the blog posts! Love 'em!

  5. Honey - when will you realize that you already ARE a goddess?

    PS New hair looks fab.

    PPS I don't usually do the whole resolution thing. The way I see it, enough people in this world disappoint me - why should I add to the pile by disappointing myself?

  6. @Laura: Thanks so much! :)

    @moosh in indy: Thanks, Casey! Oh, yeah, water. That needs to be on my list too. I'd love to know if having the water dispenser fridge thing helps.

    @myrtle: Thanks, my dear! I find that we often have similar goals. It's like you're my twin... except for the filipino thing. You know, that you are, and I'm not.

    @kyooty: Thanks, M. your support means a lot. :)

    @Albert: You are awesome! xo

    @Rougie: Aw, thanks, lovely. yeah, if I don't make goals for the new year, I'll be ms. couch potato. but I totally get what you mean. :)