shred day 1: jillian is trying to kill me... and I think I like it.

Okay, I did it! Day 1 of the Shred, and I'm still alive. For now. Because Jillian Michaels, my new bff, is obviously out to get me. As well as all the people who have chosen to do her workout.

While my legs are noodles and my arms are buzzing, she's in her castle with her rock hard abs and chiseled arms, sipping red wine, eating non-fat/non-carb pavlova that Naked Henri -- her 5-star chef and hot former-Chippendale's dancer -- made for her, and giggling like a school girl over the fact that her Instrument of Destruction DVD is, at this moment, mowing down all the crazy unfit people in the world while she eats, drinks and watches her naked chef prance around in his nakedness. In her castle.

Seriously, my body is screaming at me to hunt down the lady who did this to me, but surprise, surprise, I'm actually looking forward to working out again tomorrow. Heh.

So, Jillian? Despite my snark, I -- and my soon-to-be rock hard abs -- adore you. Truth.

In other news...

1: My friend Sareli Deraj has featured me on her blog! If you want to know more about the Nenette you've all come to already know and love, you'll want to read this interview.

2: Mini lost 2 teeth! It was about time because her two adult teeth were already waiting just behind. See?

My baby's growing up!


  1. Yet another great post!! I just love reading everything you write!!!

  2. We have got Gillian's exercise program on the Wii. It is a real killer!