she is crafty -- I am not.

1: What do you think this is?

Give up? Oh, you're not done laughing yet? Go ahead, I'll give you a few minutes. It took a long time for Roomie to regain his composure when he first saw it, so I understand.

Done? Okay. It's the cat's newest toy. Created by our resident craftswoman Mini. And having been made with $50 worth of materials, it's easily the most expensive cat toy Mittens has ever had. Or any cat has ever had. In the history of cat toys. Except for maybe the Queen's cat.

But you have to admit, my little girl is super creative and awesome. Yeah, I'm proud. And relieved, because she didn't get my non-craftiness.

Want to see how non-crafty I am? Read on.

2: Origami is Zen... except for me

Because I was still wondering if my stomach was suddenly going to lurch and make me suffer for any evils I may have done in a previous life, I spent most of Sunday sitting and doing nothing. Oh, wait, not nothing -- I was doing origami with Mini. See? We made this. Okay, I made this.

The squiggles are Mario, Luigi, and Peach. My kids are SO into Mario Party video games.

Now, I am a spaz. And I spent most of the time folding, cursing, unfolding, cursing, refolding, and you guessed it, cursing. It was very un-zen. And apparently, very dangerous...

Obviously, my daughter is WAY craftier than me. And ew, I need a manicure.


  1. Ha, the hours my kids have spent playing mario Party. But now Mario Wii has taken over - 4 player is a blast!

    I am actually impressed with your origami - you are a Grand Master compared to me!

  2. I'll give your daughter massive props for her craftiness and her divaness - but that looks like the most expensive toy mittens will possibly choke on. Or regurgitate.

  3. very nice work! and I didn't laugh!

  4. Wow! Shes got talent! :)