better with bananas in the sauce...

A few weeks ago, in response to my "Ask Me Anything" post, my dear BIRL (buddy-in-real-life) Albert posed...
"If you had a bottle of banana sauce and some chicken, is there any particular recipe you would follow to make the best dish possible?"
Okay, before y'all start thinking that my friends are really mental patients who secretly spam people with emails of questionable food combinations, I must confess that...

(a) there is such a thing as banana sauce. Made with actual bananas. It's a "Product of the Philippines" thing. No, it doesn't taste like bananas. Yes, it tastes good, and is served as a condiment, much like ketchup. It's even red! -- by artificial means, but still -- RED!
In fact, Roomie used it as a ketchup substitute during his "I Like Tomatoes But Will Not Eat Them, and No, I'm Not Allergic to Them" period. Yeah, that's a topic for a whole different blog post.

(b) Roomie and I told Albert -- when was that? during a visit to 'Pegville? -- about it, that he should try it, and that I'd give him my favourite bbq sauce recipe that uses banana sauce.
Well, that was ages ago, and I still haven't given him the recipe. And that question was his gentle prodding, his reminder, so to speak. Oh, and obviously, I suck.

So, to hopefully minimize my suckage quotient, here's my answer to Albert's question and an awesome recipe long overdue to an old friend... Enjoy!


1 - 1-1/2 cup white vinegar (the more vinegar, the more bite)
1/2 cup banana sauce
3/4 cup ketchup
5 cloves garlic, crushed then chopped
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 tablespoon soy sauce
salt and pepper to taste




Combine all of the Sauce Ingredients together in a bowl or a container with a lid. Cover and refridgerate for at least 4 hours -- for best flavour, overnight it.

Marinate Meat Ingredients in sauce overnight, then grill or bake, basting with the sauce frequently.

Eat tasty, delicious, saucy meat. And do a happy dance for the awesomeness of Nenette! :)

Okay, folks! Let me know if you try it! Enjoy!


  1. This sounds YUMS. And as soon as I track down Banana Sauce (thank you sweetbabyjeebus (not Al Gore) for the Internet) I am totally trying it out!

  2. My wife once made chicken stuffed with mashed banana. It was really "interesting".

  3. @Country Girl:
    Do you have an asian store nearby? It's usually sold under the brandname "Jufran". Just look for that.

    @Rock Chef:
    Oh, that does sound interesting. What else was in the banana stuffing? Wow, I never thought I'd ever type the words "banana" and "stuffing" together. :)

  4. FYI, in the Philippines it's more common to get a Ketchup which is actually a Banana Sauce. Ketchup from Tomato is actually expensive compared from the one's that came from Banana.


  5. @apaustria:
    Interesting! That makes sense. And personally, it's pretty funny that I didn't taste banana ketchup until we moved to Canada from the Philippines. At least, I don't remember tasting it until I got here. :)

  6. Don't tell me you've never heard the words 'banana' and 'stuffing' in the same sentence. I'm sure I've uttered these words to you countless times. Often when the kids are at school :-P --Roomie

  7. @Roomie:
    Oh, I didn't say I never heard those words before! I said I'd never typed them together before. I've heard them plenty from YOU, my dear.

  8. OK, we'll try that sometime soon.
    I don't know about marinating meat in vinegar overnight, though - maybe if it's a tough cut, but I can see a chicken breast starting to "cook" in the vinegar after a few hours.

  9. @Albert:
    I've done this (overnight marinating) with all sorts of meat, including chicken, with excellent results.
    You asked for the recipe I use, so I gave it, as well as how I use it. If I'd had problems with it, I wouldn't have suggested it.
    Now that you have my recipe, you may use it however you want to, of course. You're welcome.

  10. I didn't ask, I begged, pleaded, wheedled, cajoled, whined...

    OK, I'll try the recipe as written, it does look good. Thanks. Never let it be said I'm an unappreciative jerk.