hair dilemma: big chop or not?

Yes, I'm having another hair dilemma (when am I not?!), and I'm hoping I can get some input from all of you... well, at least from those of you who aren't all WTF?! It's just hair!!!.

If you've been following me for a while, or know me IRL, you know that my hair is a big part of me -- at times, quite literally -- so, I don't do anything drastic without some great thought, research, and obviously, harassing of my readers.

Tomorrow, I see my dear hair stylist Jane. And I'm thinking of telling her to make me look like this -- minus the "turning me into a young Japanese girl" part.

Now, the last time I had hair that short was in April 2007. And it was NOT cut by Jane, so it wasn't as gorgeous as I knew it could've been.

Oh, and it wasn't a layered bob like that. It was just a bob -- like Teri Hatcher in Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman. And I want a more "just rolled out of bed, tousled, sexy, morning-after-a-hot-night-before" kind of bob.

BIG difference.

Since then, two years, and 2 haircuts (where at least 6 inches were chopped off each time) later, my hair looks...

Like this. (Yeah, I look this "sharp featured" every morning -- feel for my husband.)

So, my hair does grow FAST. Any major choppage would be unnoticeable in about 3 months.

Anyway, I don't know if I should get the Big 12-inch Chop or just another 6-inch trim.

Could you please help me decide -- because I'm crazy and can't decide on my own?

What kind of haircut should I get?
The Big 12-inch Chop (shaggy layered bob)
The Usual 6-inch Trim (long layered) free polls


  1. Of course I voted for the big 12-incher - because you're hot! You can TOTALLY pull this off. Worst-case scenario? It grows back. I think this is a great way to start your 40s! ;) Good luck!!!

  2. I love your hair long... and you're gorgeous so you could pull off either cut - but I still voted for the only 6 inch trim! I'm not daring enough to do more than that... and I love long layers... :)

  3. You can definitely pull off short hair, but I voted to keep it long. I'm partial to long hair on chickadees. (That's women.)

  4. Go for the 12in. It'll grow back if you don't like it (think of it as being twice as long till you next need a haircut! ;)

  5. Gah! I hate this question! *lol* See I'm kinda partial to long hair on beautiful women, but at the same time sometimes short hair can be just as striking. Like Morena Baccarin on V for example! (o_0) Yowza!

    I find it makes a big difference which kind of hair a girl has on her when I meet/see her pic for the first time. You kinda get used to that hairstyle, and your long hair is awesome.

    Having said all that you seem to already be leaning towards the big chop and who are we, mere peons who read your every blog post and tweet, to sway your decision. ;-)

    Also the "just rolled out of bed, tousled, sexy, morning-after-a-hot-night-before" is just too tempting of an image to pass up. So I voted for the big chop. *lol*

    Your fans await your decision. ^_^

  6. You're so HAWT you can rock any hairstyle you want. That said, go for the big chop - it will feel LIBERATING! xoxo

  7. I just got mine cut Friday, I asked for on the shoulder but I have some "body" and when it's shorter it springs up a bit so it's shorter then the shoulder I was thinking about it's more slouched in a chair shoulder. I like it, Judith did it and I'd let her do it again.

  8. Oooh... whatcha gonna do? Can't wait to see the result!

  9. I think 14 inches is the minimum required to donate hair to make wigs for cancer patients. If you don't want it, someone else will be happy to have it. :-)

  10. Why wasn't there an option to vote for shaved bald and sexy, like Natalie Portman or Sinead O'Connor?

  11. Here's a vote against the shaved head look for Nenette...winter is coming. Bald looks cold.

    But I'm sure she could pull that look off if she wanted to.

    And I wouldn't dare someone to do something like that unless I'd do it myself first.

  12. I had hair of your length for the vast majority of my life thus far - and only lately have I been experimenting with shorter hair - I LOVE IT. Therefore, my vote can only be obvious - hack it off!