randomness today 02

I have a lot to share today -- little things, tweety things, not enough to be complete blog posts things. Some o' my fave bloggers do random lists, and I did one WAY back, so I think I'll do another one again... you know, to be one of the cool kids.

1: A Note to Pre-Baby Me
I wrote a new Canada Moms Blog post! It's one of my favourites, so please head over there, check it out, and leave a comment!

2: Germ Infested
We've all been sick in this house. We've missed school/work since Friday. On Tuesday, Roomie went to work only to be told by his coworkers that he "looked like shit" and sent back home. Roomie and Lam were well enough to go back to school/work today, but Mini, always the last in the family to get hit by any bug, had a fever yesterday...

... last night, then again this morning...

... but started feeling better in time for Mr.Maker complete with tiara...

To be safe, I'm keep her home for another day. With luck, the fever will stay away, and she'll be fine for her dance class on Saturday. Me? Just go to Twitter (no account required), do a search on #ImSickAndCranky, and you'll know EXACTLY how I've been feeling.

3: Meeting with Tweeties
There I was on a beautiful patio, on a night that felt more like July than September with people I'd met on the internet. WTF?
Yes, all true. I got there late, and I was already feeling pretty sick. But I'd committed myself, so I popped a Contac-C and headed over to the patio at Inn at The Forks, where I met up with Princess, Kyla, WpgPeanut, Ally, Nichole, and FriendlyMB. It was short, sweet, and seriously surreal. Can't wait to see the pictures!

4: A New Fave Blog: peopleofwalmart.com
Do these folks own mirrors? Do they look in said mirrors and think "Oh, I look GOOOOD!"? Are their Canadian counterparts just as frightening? OMG, do I look like that?! Since I don't shop at Walmart, I may have dodged that bullet...

5: I May Have To Watch Glee
Okay, so Glee really is awesome. I may have to start watching it like my twitterpal Janice suggested!

6: Grilled Cheese
I've been jonesing for grilled cheese sandwiches for DAYS, and I'm talking the REAL *buttered-on-all-sides, 2-3 cheese slices, and fried in a cast iron pan* kind of grilled cheese sandwich. I, of course, tweeted it (please pardon the profanity -- I usually don't swear), and managed to tempt my friend Rougie into having one for lunch! So, I had one today, and it looked like this...

Okay, folks, that is all... for today. :)


  1. Great post! Grilled cheese sounds really good!
    Also, that blog is hilarious!! You're right; those people don't own mirrors!:)

  2. Great post on the other blog too! Love it!!!

  3. Thanks for introducing me to people of walmart.
    Dare I introduce you to http://hotchickswithdouchebags.com ?
    I just did, if you haven't already visited that site - it's my new chuckle-a-day website.

  4. Mmm... grilled cheese! And Glee is totally amazing... my favourite new show for sure!
    Hope your little girl feels 100% soon! Sucks having sick children in the house... so sad when they're sick, huh?
    P.S. I hate Walmart.

  5. 1) You're grilled cheese is clearly food porn. Mine was merely lunch.

    2) We need to work on an international, cross-border Tweet up. Once our girl @Harmzie gets her passport let's start planning.

    Hope you feel better soon dearest! xoxo

  6. You're not allowed to apologize for swearing. Be proud of it! Wear it like a badge of honor! Fuck yeah.