Q & A : the photographic interview

For the month of September, sh1ft.org is doing a photographic interview project, and I'm participating. So, here's your chance to get to know me a little more via the pictures I take -- without all the troublesome words to get in the way.
Okay, maybe a few words. I'll try to keep it to a minimum.

1. What is the first thing you see in the morning?

(I feel my way around in the dark before I get here.)

2. The biggest thing to happen to you recently/soon?

(The best camping trip. Brought to light my need to simplify and re-arrange my priorities.)

3. Your best mirror shot

(My son chose this picture over 3 others.)

4. The person that you see the most in a week

5. Your favourite shoes

6. Your favourite meal

(The Flower Roll at Sushi-Ya. With green tea, of course.)

7. The colour of your eyes

(Dark chocolate, baby!)

8. Your favourite place to be on a Friday night

(Anywhere these three folks happen to be...)


  1. The missus and I saw a picture of a flower roll for a sushi joint here in LA, and it made us want to go there, but we had sushi last night, so we got Indian instead. We've never had a flower roll, but we eat sushi all the time. It looks really good.

  2. Nenette,

    Love this post you did! I was going to @reply you on Twitter, but thought that leaving a comment would be more suitable for this :)

    -- Janice.

    PS. Your mini-me is too cute! And I definitely know what you mean when you say you have to feel your way to the bathroom in the morning -- that's definitely me too! :)

  3. I'm a very visual person, so I love this post.
    And now, I'm also a very hungry person after seeing that sushi photo. Got to go raid the fridge.

  4. I love that you have a Superman T-shirt.

  5. I love your commitment to you family!! I <3 your pics:)

  6. Lovely pictures (I love the bamboo in your mirror shot) and commentary. I may try it! But I'm going to have to work at a picture for the eyes. Not sure I could find a picture of "muddy toxic waste". I may have to ask someone a little more biased in the other direction.

    But should I be worried that every time I glance at this in my reader, I see "Q & A P0rn0graph1c Interview"? Could be worse, I suppose. Could be "T & A". I don't see THAT - I'm not a monster, you know.

  7. If you look at my legs in #2, something looks really wrong. WTF is going on with my left leg? Why does it bend that way? Where's the foot?

  8. Roomie --- "...and DAT'S why dey called him Crazy Legs!".

    You thought we were making it up when we said you walked like Gumby? :-)

  9. No, no, the reason the leg bends that way is that there must be something REALLY heavy bending the light, distorting the image only in the vicinity of your left thigh.

    "Is that a black hole in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"

  10. I loved this post!! I'm totally stealing this idea for my blog! (don't worry, I will credit you so people know i'm a thief!) lol

  11. This is a neat idea. It's a lot like one of those "day in the life" photo diaries. I'd like to do one of those someday. When I can remember to both bring a camera AND use it.

  12. @Paul: Oh, it's really good! It's must be experienced. But yeah, Indian is awesome too. :)

    @Janice: I'm so happy you popped in to comment! re: Mini, thanks! She is all sorts of adorable. :)

    @Laura: Thanks, my dear! :)

    @Su: Next time you're back in town, we'll go to Sushi Ya and have the Flower Roll. :)

    @Avitable: EVERYONE should have a Superman t-shirt! :)

    @Sue: Thanks! They're my favourite people :)

    @Harmzie: Great. Now that's what I see when I look at the title! Including the "T & A". Thanks.

    @Roomie: Sorry, didn't see your leg problem. I was distracted by your hot ass.

    @Albert: Oh, that's a black hole?! Okay, that explains everything.

    @mr zig: Oh, totally steal it!!! It's okay -- I know where you live. If you don't link back to me, I know where you live. Sorta. I'll just wander around town looking for you.

    @kyooty: I like fun. :)

    @wyliekat: you should! I'd love to see your photo answers. But I'm like you... if I see something I want to capture, I never have my camera, and when I have my camera, I never remember to use it. Gah!

  13. Awesome post - you look totally hot in that pic! Go girl! :) And your family's gorj!