random quickies 03

Yes, it's another random post. It's a quick one. Okay? Ready? Set? Go!!!

1: Ask Me *ANYTHING*

In one week -- on October 7 to be exact -- this little blog o' mine will be celebrating its 2nd anniversary!!! I know! TWO YEARS!!! What the hell?!
Like last year, I'll be celebrating the entire week -- from now on to be known as The Blogoversary Week Extravaganza -- so I'm trying to come up with 5 festive posts.
For one of them, I'm dragging my poor unsuspecting readers into including my online friends in a type of "audience participation" thingy. Your task is simple:
Ask me ANY question about me that you've been wanting to know.
Seriously. ANYTHING. Feel free to ask more than one. You can leave it here in the comments or email me. If you want to make sure your question(s) hasn't already been answered, check my 100 things post. I will answer you during The Blogoversary Week Extravaganza.

I must confess that I stole this idea from the sweet and sassy Mr.Zig -- I might even answer it via vlog like he did! Oooooh... Aaaaah...

So, yeah, deadline is October 6.

2: Syndicated Mom

Remember that Canada Moms Blog post of mine I told you about? Yeah, well, it got picked up for syndication!!! Yay! This one is my 2nd post to be picked up out of the 11 posts I've written for the blog, so I'm totally chuffed. Like, totally. So, yeah, if you see it somewhere other than the Canada Moms Blog site, please let me know.
Not bad for a recovering enginerd. I'm so happy about this because this may be a sign that I could possibly not completely suck at writing. Huzzah!

3: Facebook Fan Page for Life Candy

So, I did it. I made a Fan Page on Facebook for this blog. So, even if you follow me on the Networked Blogs thing, please also come to the Fan Page and become a fan!
Frankly, I wasn't sure what the point of this page was. I was just told that it's a good idea to have one, so I got one (Wow, that sounds so "sheep" of me, eh?). But now I realized that this is another way to connect with my blog readers who aren't necessarily my FB friends.
Oh, yeah, to think that my readership has extended to more than just folks I know on FB, like aunts and gorgeous godsisters! ;)

4: Wish Chip

A wish chip for the first person to tell me what a wish chip is.
But not this one. I already ate this one. It was overflowing with wishy goodness.


  1. Congrats on the syndication! You totally deserve it, that post was a homerun! That's awesome and I should know, I have had zero, zilch, nada picked up. I need lessons but I think maybe it's not something you can teach ;)

    My question is what inspires you?

  2. When you said to ask you anything, my mind went immediately into the gutter. It did not pass go, it did not collect $200.00.

  3. Congrats on surviving 2 years...I'm finding that Fbook and Twitter are undercutting a lot of blogtime. The others are so easy and all the content is at your fingertips.

    I tried to keep my blog hardcore and the Facebook lite & fluffy, but they're starting to bleed.

    A wish chip is a folded mutant chip that refused to conform like the others...so it's "special" and therefore you can make a wish .

  4. Woo hoo! Another syndicated post!
    Congratulations, my friend.

    Wish chip? Is that like a wish bone, except, it's a folded chip instead?

  5. A wish chip is always the one(s) I don't have *RIGHT EFFING NOW*

    My question: I am having a major dejavu right now. Are you causing it? It's so intense that I am having a dejavu *about* writing about a dejavu. Don't tell me I should know the answer already, because I'm having a dejavu NOW as I'm writing this, not *now* as you're reading this. I'm not having a dejavu then (now).

    So back to my question: when are you taking up bass again? I mean, you like other fish.

  6. Question: Don't you have to wait until someone says your name before you can speak, post-wish chip eating?

  7. Question: if you had a bottle of banana sauce and some chicken, is there any particular recipe you would follow to make the best dish possible?

    Question: did you ever see "The Hardy Weinberg Comedy Hour"? Do any of your readers remember it, or is it a figment of my imagination? I "remember" one episode that centered around Danny Partridge and a missing (overdue?) library book. And maybe a murder was involved. They referred to Danny as "you know... the Baron of Bass... the Red Headed Hamburger". I guess that's why your friends have always referred to you as "The Red Headed Hamburger" although you are neither red-headed nor hamburger, but due to some long-forgotten association as "The Baroness of Bass".

  8. Can you give me 5 reasons that Canada is better than America? How about 5 reasons that America's better? The fact that I live in America can't be a reason for either.

  9. @AB - I remember it as The Harvey Weinberg Comedy Hour, but I also thought it was a figment of my imagination.

  10. Holy cow... Congrats as well on your syndication! How cool is that? You totally deserve it.

    another great post. Following along on your facebook fan page as well!

    I had no idea what a wish chip is...thanks Don/2nz! I would have googled it all night long! LOL


  11. @Roomie, dude, that makes no sense, there's no such thing as a Harvey Weinberg population equation.

  12. Name 5 Movie Stars that you would do "anything" to get them to comment on your Blog,
    and define anything!

    I don't know you well enough to solicit sordid factoids so howzabout 5 things that you lurve about Whateverpeg and 5 things that you deplore!

    Finally, the Interwebs has proven that there are literallly MILLIONS of uber talented people on the planet. When I was growing up there were only a finite number of "Stars". How can our species ever hope to keep track of all the exponential increase in pseudolebrities?

  13. Question: What did you think of the new Stargate Universe premiere on Space last Friday (Oct. 02)? And if you haven't seen it yet why the hell not?? *lol*

    You can actually watch it online at Space's website. ;-)


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