let's assume I have time to watch tv.

I do this every Fall. I mentally plan out all the awesome shows I want to watch... then I don't watch them. Mainly because I don't have time, I don't remember when they're actually on, and yes, because I'm a true winner, I don't remember which ones they are.

Seriously, I completely forgot that I wanted to watch Big Bang Theory until -- lo and behold! -- it's summer and the season was over. Crap.

So, now I'm listing them. Even the ones I don't want to watch so that I can say "hey, I didn't want to watch this" and turn the channel.

Before we had kids, Roomie and I would make tv-watching schedules like the one Adam made, so today, I'll do that again. Okay, let's begin... (all times CDT)

Shows I will try not to miss:
7pm - Smallville (Space) Ch. 39

7pm - How I Met Your Mother (Citytv) Ch. 8
8:30 - The Big Bang Theory (CBS) Ch. 4

7pm - V (ABC) Ch. 7
8pm - Torchwood (Space) Ch. 39
9pm - Fringe (Space) Ch. 39

9pm - Supernatural (Space) Ch. 39

8:30 - Community (Citytv) Ch. 8
9pm - Eureka (Space) Ch. 39

7pm - Defying Gravity (Space) Ch. 39
8pm - Stargate Universe (Space) Ch. 39


Shows I LOVE that are on everyday or at weird times that are BURNED INTO MY BRAIN:
Stargate Atlantis
Wizards of Waverly Place (don't mock till you watch it yourself - they're funny!)
Sunny with a Chance (see WoWP)
Various HGTV shows

Shows that tempt me but not enough to include them in my schedule, but may still watch if I have the time:
Castle - Sorry, Nathan... maybe if I had time.
Cougar Town
30 Rock
Vampire Diaries
Family Guy
GlobeTrekkers/Pilot Guides

Shows that I just can't or won't get into for fear of it sucking me in and spitting out only a shell of the human I once was:
Dancing with the Stars, Gossip Girl, 90210, Private Practice, Grey's Anatomy, Survivor, Amazing Race, American Dad, American/Canadian Idol, Ugly Betty, Medium, Numb3rs, Desperate Housewives, Project Runway, Canada's Next Top Model, Biggest Loser... and those are the ones I can remember...

How about you?...


  1. First of all, how can a self-professed enginerd like Big Bang Theory? It's like they took the movie "Revenge of the Nerds" and made a show based on those stereotypes. It's horrible!

    Secondly, you should totally watch 30 Rock. Watch the first season on Hulu if it's available. It's amazing.

  2. Of the shows I've seen on your list (Wizards of Waverly Place? What?), 30 Rock is by far the funniest one - it's the only show I'll tape for myself. I love all the stupid little nonsequitors (well at least I think they're nonsequitors) and obscure pop culture references. E.G., Carrie Fisher played a washed up writer that wanted to work with Liz Lemon --- when Liz stalked off, Fisher popped her head out the door and called "You have to help me, Liz Lemon, you're my only hope!" Hilarious.

    It has a lot of funny dialog (good), no laugh track (good), and insane plots (good). Plus, anyone that works for a subsidiary of the Sheinhardt Wig Company that owns Winnipeg Iron Works has got to be worth watching on TV.

    But maybe 30 Rock isn't for the sort of person who likes Friends (ooooh, is that throwing down a gauntlet or what? :-)

    Saturday Night Live also had a great season last year -- their Weekend Update was very good.

    And you leave the Daily Show off your list? Just not interested in making fun of the crazies? :-)

  3. Uh-oh.
    The only shows I watch are the ones that are in your 'shows I just can't or won't get into for fear of it sucking me in and spitting out only a shell of the human I once was' category!

    - Grey's Anatomy
    - Desperate Housewives

    I also LOVE:

    - The Office
    - Glee

    That's about it for me. I have to start watching 30 Rock, too!
    Shows that I just can't or won't get into for fear of it sucking me in and spitting out only a shell of the human I once was:

  4. I'm not a devoted follower of any tv programs but I like these, when I do manage to stumble on them

    The Mentalist (so that I can be charmed by Simon Baker)
    CSI Miami (so that I can be entertained by the cornyness... new word)
    Glee (guilty pleasure)
    30 Rock (come on, funny!)
    The Office (again, funny but in a wierd way)

    And last night I watched Dancing with the Stars. I should be shot.

  5. Ooh! I LOVE Castle and Sanctuary!!! Castle is definitely worth watching! Nathan is awesome and very funny!:)

  6. I can watch Supernatural on WED??
    That's awesome news!

  7. @Avitable: But that's what makes it so funny. It's just so ridiculously over-the-top. But, remember, I only watched a few episodes, so I may change my tune when I watch more.

    @Albert: I pick up your gauntlet and accept your challenge, Sir. Yeah, I think I'm going to have to watch it more often.
    And I completely forgot to put Daily Show and Colbert Report on my list. It was not an intended snub... unless forgetting about it in the first place was like a snub in and of itself.

    @Loukia: Oh, I forgot to add The Office!
    I think the reason why I refuse to get into Grey's and Desperate Housewives is due to my weakness for soap operas. I used to watch those A LOT when I was younger. If I watched these shows now, I'd be too hooked to feed my kids, do laundry, post, bathe, etc. There would be anarchy.
    The closest I'll get is watching Defying Gravity, which is like a soap, but set in space. :)

    @Su: I don't think you should be shot. N should just keep a better eye on you, or keep you "too busy" to watch tv. tee hee ;)
    I've never watched The Mentalist, but Simon Baker is rather yum, so I just might check it out.

    @Laura: I think I'm still mourning the loss of Firefly, but I have a hard time watching our Nathan in other stuff. He'll always be Mal to me.
    I'm really excited about Sanctuary! I didn't see the first season at all, but I love Amanda Tapping, so I can't wait till October, when they start showing it here on the Space Channel.

  8. @Princess: Yeah! I checked on spacecast.com. So be sure not to miss it tonight!

  9. i miss tv too. i have not paid for a cable subscription in over 5 years.

    i'm stuck on netflix and just renting out tv series when they come out. at least there are no commercials i have to deal with! :)

    but i have this deep rooted feeling that sometime next year, i will have to succumb and start paying for cable tv. (for baby's enthusiasm) sigh.

  10. Thanks to the mysterious wonders of PVR, I don't have to think about my television viewing. All I have to do is check my recordings to see if any of the shows I like have been saved for my especial privilege. I heart this process, up to and including the ability to fast-forward commercials. Truly, it has revolutionized my viewing.

    That said - I seem to have two or three shows per season I watch. Several of them take place in the summer (Deadliest Catch, True Blood and Hung, for example).

    This season I'll watch Grey's Anatomy, Supernatural and Ghost Whisperer, along with Big Love. I can't even remember which other ones I have recording, so there may be others I forget until they magically appear for me!

    (Have I adequately sung the praises of PVR?)