my tiny dancer.

My daughter loves to dance.

She'll dance ANYWHERE (See? Here she is, dancing at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory), and I knew that if I didn't enroll her in some dance class asap, she'd take up something else like knife-throwing, change her name to ThrowDella, refuse to give me grandchildren, and be in therapy for years blaming me for forcing her into a life of child-less knife-throwing all because I didn't get her into dance class at the age of 5.*

Luckily, I remembered Harmzie telling me years ago about Royal Dance at the Forks, where she sent Norah and Pepper for their classes. Okay, I mostly remember her telling me that she'd drop them off for class then have an hour of fun hanging out at The Forks, which is truly an awesome place to hang.
And then I thought, "Hey, I want to do that!" For Mini. Of course.

And as if the Universe was saying "this is it!", I learned that one of my old high school buddies, Tanis, is the Office Manager there! Yay! So, I called up Tanis and registered Mini in the Jazz/Tap/Ballet class.

Getting Mini's dance outfit was easier than I thought it'd be. The leotard, tights, tutu, and slippers were available at Zellers. And the tap shoes I borrowed from the Clothing Library of Harmzie (thank you, my dear!).

The hard part was actually getting Mini out of the outfit after she tried it on! I don't blame her. She looks adorable! She chose the black tutu. Makes quite the style statement, don't you think?

Luckily, it was only 2 weeks from then until her first class on September 12. I can't tell you how many times I heard "Momma, can I put on my dance clothes? PLEASE?!!!"

She's now been to two classes, and of course, SHE LOVES IT!!!

I too have enjoyed hanging at The Forks. We've decided that I will bring Mini there and hang out alone. Why? Well, look at this picture during Mini's first class...

Yeah, "So Bored" was the theme of that morning. Especially for the boy. Apparently, his sister's class didn't end soon enough.

It's okay. No big. I'll hang out, have my Vietnamese coffee, do some reading, and shop. It's my duty and a sacrifice I'm willing to make. Because, you know, my daughter wants to take dance class. ;)

* Or worse -- maybe she'll take up pole-dancing, in which case I would take up knife-throwing and be her official bodyguard.


  1. She looks adorable in her dance outfit! I remember taking dance classes for years... and I always loved it... it's great that she is enjoying it so much! And you get to have some alone time, too! Perfect for you both!

  2. what a great hobby/skill to have, not the knifethrowing

    hA word verification fiestess
    just missing the fiest(in)ess? :)

  3. That is so awesome!

    I love her dancing clothes too - she's so cute!! :)

  4. So cool! You get to hang out at the Forks while waiting for mini me.

    Me, I get to skulk around the church where I drop mine off for Sparks. Or shop at Zellers.... boring :)

  5. SO CUTE.

    I had thought of "Tiny Dancer" for my ballet post. Hee.

  6. Lovely post & you're welcome! I've got just about every other freaking size in the known universe for the coming years as well (just when I thought I'd actually be able to maybe re-use a pair, the girls both quit!)

    Also, could you quickly write up about 3 or 4 posts so that when I glance at my iGoogle page I can stop thinking about Tony Danza? OK! Thanks!

  7. Our daughters would get along so well!! I LOVE the pictures! I NEED to enroll my daughter in dance. We did it last year, but I didn't love the school, and I've been too busy with school starting to find a new dance program! Gah! Better get going on that.

  8. @Laura: thanks!

    @Loukia: thanks! yes, it really is the best for all... she gets to dance, I get my alone-time, and the boys can have some father-son time. :)

    @kyooty: I don't know... knife-throwing may come in handy. :)

    @Cyndi: Thank you my dear... maybe one day, Mini C-Flo will get you to take her to dance class someday.

    @Su: Yeah, I can't complain. But, I don't know, I can spend a fortune at Zellers, myself. :)

    @Maria: Thanks! :)

    @Angella: Thanks! Can you imagine if we both named our daughter's dance posts, which were published on the same day, the same title? Too funny!

    @Harmzie: Yeah, I couldn't help but think "Tony Danza" when I wrote that title! LOL I love Phoebe.
    So, what are you going to do with the shoes?

    @Haley-O: Our daughters would have a ton of fun together! I wish you lived here. We could hang out, and our girls could go and dance! :)

  9. She is TOTALLY rocking that outfit! I love a break of color. Awesome. Hahhahaha Look at her hand! Love it!

    Or she could be a fire dancer. But she might end up bald...or singed... like the late, great Michael Jackson during the Coke commercial. Ah, good times.

    love you.