what I would've tweeted today.

... if Twitter hadn't gotten hacked. Instead, I blah-blah-blah-ed this on Facebook instead. Which wasn't all that great because it suddenly got bogged down with everyone who would normally have been on Twitter.

In true Twitter fashion, the "tweets" are in newest to oldest fashion...

- twitter hates me... it really hates me... with a passion that echos through the ages...

@jmsacman - FoodTV is dangerous, isn't it? I saw him do a BBQ throwdown, and I almost sent hubby out to get us some!

- still at home... no zoo yet... it closes at 5:30... do we still have time? 3 hrs? yeah, why not...

- heading to the zoo today!

@zandralejandria- I'll give you a call at 9:00pm-ish my time.

- my kids are thinking of making a yahoo account for the cat.

- first twitter, now facebook is acting up too... it's a conspiracy I say!


  1. This is a great site you have here. I have a humor blog myself and I would like to exchange links with you. You can contact me through either email or a comment placed on my site. Let me know if this is possible. Jason

  2. HA! Great tweets that never were, so sad. My fav is "my kids are thinking of making a yahoo account for the cat."

  3. Twitter addict in the house!!!!!!!!!!

  4. @motherbumper: They actually made a yahoo account for the cat... then they forgot the username. So silly.

    @Toni: Oh, that's nothing compared to last year's! I could easily tweet 5 times what you see on this list. I've learned to tweet in moderation now. Heh heh.