the great invasion of summer 2009: week 2.

After a short rest over the weekend, we had more much-anticipated get-togethers...

July 22 - Hanging with the O's

Our friends the O's -- Zeus, Lor, and their little girls -- drove into town all the way from the west coast. Like our other visitors, they were here to see family, but we were so thrilled that they also made time to meet up with us!

We went to Sushi Ya, because they're quite family friendly. After a bit of a sushi mix-up (where I ended up with Zeus' sashimi), we finished our delicious meals and headed back to Casa AM. The kids bonded over toys and video games, and the boys chatted about stuff... probably freewill and determinism, as usual.

Being the clever girls we are, Lor and I took that opportunity to skip over to Baked Expectations for coffee and treats. Tee hee.

Seriously though, Lor and I were talking, laughing, and lamenting about our family woes as if no time had passed. It's those kinds of friendships that mean the most and last forever.

Thanks for hanging out with us, guys! We love you all. :)

July 24 (Lunch) - Bon Voyage to RC

When I found out my old -- and not at all sentimental -- friend RC was moving to Ottawa, I immediately arranged to have lunch with him.

RC's an old friend from university, and over the years, what started as an embarassing crush has evolved into a very dear friendship. As in me crushing on him. It was all very embarassing, and in retrospect, quite humourous.

Anyway, over sushi at Naru, we talked about his new job in ON, his sister -- my friend Rosanna -- who already lives in Ottawa with her husband and sons, and, well, bacon-weaves. I know! Of all things, eh? He asked me if I was vegetarian. I said I tried but my darling Roomie proved that my bid for meatlessness was futile after he made a bacon-weave. Damn you, bacon! You gateway meat you!!!

I then told him about the bacon-weave on ham that I made at Easter. Remember that? I told him it was an orgasm on a roaster. I'm not sure he believed me. Oh, RC, yee of little faith in bacon!

Best of luck, my friend! Keep in touch, and see on my next trip to Ottawa.

July 24 (Dinner) - Sushi Sans Larry

The 3rd Saturday of the month came and went, and no word from Larry. Jerk.

Seizing the opportunity to sushi with our soon-to-pop Myrtle before she popped, our buddy LRM took the bull by the horns, and in a swift "in your face, Larry!" move, arranged a sushi night for us all on the 4th Friday of the month.
See? There on the right is Myrtle, her belly camouflaged by table, sushi and green tea carafe. She's a super gorgeous mama -- Can't wait till we meet Baby #2. :)

The 7 of us -- including CB's baby EM -- enjoyed the ambiance of Wasabi Sabi, and the 6 of us -- not including CB's baby EM -- enjoyed the yummy sushi served therein. I had a sunomono salad, a volcano roll, and an e.carriere roll.

We all filled up rather quickly.
This is Harmzie -- with her sexy voice (she was sick) -- at her turning point. Should she go on force the last little pieces into her already full belly? Or should she stop? It's just a few pieces. OMG!!! WHAT SHOULD SHE DO?!!!

I think she had it wrapped up for home. Smart girl. Although I think LRM accused her of wimping out.
Yes, we're a loving bunch of friends. :)

Anyway, looking forward to sushi with 2 babies at the table with us! :)

Okay, thus ends the recap of Week 2. Stay tuned for the final installment of the Great Invasion...


  1. I brought it home as currency for favours.

  2. Sounds like a busy and equally brilliant summer. And sushi is always good. I nearly went back to Naru today just to get a fix. I'm not sure that I'm better for having resisted!

  3. You are definitely filling your summer with people, are you ready for the great hibernation yet? :) LOL

  4. wow... when you say you've been busy, you weren't exaggerating!
    Looks like you have a great time, though!