the great invasion of summer 2009: week 3.

And now for the final week...

July 28 - Tweet Up at Naru

It all started with a tweet by our very own local (and universal!) princess.

A tweet about sushi! How could I not respond?!

So, I did. Then there was this rapid exchange of sushi-centric tweets, and after all the dust settled, I found myself at Naru with Princess, ywgdana, missquicksilver, kylaroma, and my ever-present, online partner-in-crime, Harmzie. And it was a blast!

Princess did a fabulous recap post of the events leading up to and including the super-fun sushi event, so, instead of writing my own, I invite you to check hers out.

Two things I will mention though...

1) Winnipeg Blog/Tweet Up - Princess is planning one! So, if you live in or plan to be in the area in the near future and are interested in coming to the event, go to her post I linked to and let Princess know! I hope to be there -- it would be cool to meet you!

2) New Freebie Posts - Remember my Freebie Five post?! I know! Of course, you remember it! Well, we came up with some other fun variations on the theme of "Who would you do?". Princess wrote them all in her notebook, and gave us all our posting assignments. Stay tuned for these posts in the near future!

It was great meeting you all! I look forward to seeing you all again IRL! :)

July 30 - Renewing Friendships over Brunch

We grew up together like sisters. And thanks to her, I know way more about hockey than my husband, am a Grease 2 addict, and know the lyrics to every single song on Barry Manilow's 1981 album If I Should Love Again.
Sing *that* in the cargo area of a station wagon on a long drive from Canada to LA, and tell me it's not fun!!!

Edallie and I are now wives and moms, and even after not seeing each other for almost 16 years, it's like no time had passed.

On this short stay (where she mainly spent time with her Gramma), we managed to squeeze in a quick family brunch at Salisbury House and did some catching up, while our kids ran around terrorizing the other restaurant patrons. Ah, good times. :)

We look forward to seeing them again soon.

Thanks for the great visit, guys! We love you lots! ... And next time, it'll be on US!

July 31 - Rain can't screw up a day with Dear Friends

The call with our dear friends Norman & Su went something like this...

Them: "Hey, guys, we'd like to meet with you on the 31."

Us: "Yay! How long can we have you?"

Them: "We're free all day."

Us: "Oh, we can have you all day?! Awesome. What would you like to do?"

Them: "Um. Well. To continue the metaphor, we're easy." And of course, laughter ensued on both ends of the line.

Thus is the nature of our friendship with these awesome people. We've been through hell together -- all 4 of us -- having worked as engineers in Nortel BWA's software department here in town. They are now in Ottawa, and we still miss them a whole lot.

It rained cats and dogs outside, so our options were few -- the zoo, the playgrounds, and a stroll around The Forks were out of the question.
Our day ended up being very relaxed and low-key. We started with lunch at Boston Pizza. Su and I then left the boys and kids at the house to enjoy a few hours of treats and girl talk at Baked Expectations. On the way back, we picked up a couple of tasty roast chickens, and concluded with a relaxing dinner at home.

Thank you so much for spending the day with us! It meant so much to us. We hope to see you again soon.


  1. It was amazing meeting you and everyone else too! I can't wait to do it again!

  2. That WAS an awesome dinner experience (the food was ok too)!

    I've been meaning to share my perspective too, but I've been um... intimidated. Maybe that's a perspective to share in itself!

  3. We had a GREAT time! Thanks for letting us hang out with you and your family!

  4. I like that lowkey and relaxed kind of visit!

  5. A twist on the Freebie List? Bring. It. On. Whoot! Also - whoever turned you into a Grease 2 addict is my kinda girl. Cuz if she hadn't, I totally woulda....xoxo