ladies who lunch: family style.

I've been basking in the glow of love and family these past few days, and holy man, it's been so awesome!

It all started on Thursday, when I had lunch with the two lovely ladies with me in this picture. (Our fab server took this picture, which I had to totally crop to eliminate the blinding vision of my not-yet-hot ass.)

The little beauty is Mini-C, and her beautiful mama is Cyndi. And yes, they're my family.

Cyndi is my godsister/cousin (yes, there is such a thing y'all!). My father is her godfather. Also, we are cousins by marriage via Cyndi's and my mutual cousin Zandra. My father and Zandra's dad are brothers, and Zandra's mom and Cyndi's mom are sisters.
I hope that makes sense because my last resort is to draw you a picture, and that just might confuse you more -- my drawing truly sucks.

My dear Cyndi and I are truly like sisters, and despite the fact that a border separates us, we've grown closer over the years thanks to the 'net. If you've read the comments here, you've seen Cyndi's name pop up once in a while. I even interviewed her as one of my Life Candy celebs too!

See? Still basking in the love, people.

So, Cyndi, her roomie DK, and little miss Mini-C came to town for Cyndi's brother, my cousin Carlito's wedding (his lovely bride is from here). As the family came to town a few days ahead, we arranged to do lunch.

At first, we made our way to my favourite sushi joint Wasabi Bistro, and much to my bitter outrage, it was closed! FOR LUNCH?! Wha?!!! The nerve!

After I recovered from the shock, we switched directions and headed over to Naru Sushi, which had the good sense to be open for lunch on a weekday. Super tasty and affordable!

Check it -- what started with a couple of boxes, mine a sashimi/california bento, and a bakudan/edamame bento for Cyndi...

... ended as empty boxes...

In addition to stuffing our faces, we did a load of chatting, catching up, and cooing over Mini-C, who allowed me to relive the trail of destruction Baby Lam and Baby Mini used to leave at every restaurant we went to. It was spectacular! :)

Afterward, we went next door (quite literally) to Baked Expectations to enjoy dessert.

See the awesomeness? Cyndi had a hot chocolate and a slice of oreo cheesecake, in the back, and I had a chocolaccino bowl with my requisite slice of pavlova, in the foreground.

Are you jealous? Well, don't be -- I swear I gained 25 pounds from this meal alone. Had a hell of a time putting my dress on for the wedding. But yeah, totally worth it.

As our outing ended, we went back to Casa AM so Mini-C could freshen up and meet Lam and Mini. The kids enjoyed sharing their toys with Mini-C, and were quite horrified every time she put every one she grabbed into her mouth, considering the cat's habit of sitting on the toys. Ew.

Lam especially loved hanging out with Mini-C. In addition to her extreme cuteness, I think she reminded him of his days as a big brother to a baby. He likely misses the baby his little sister was -- when she used to worship him, look up to him, and never used to kick his butt at video games.

In the end, Cyndi and I wished we had more time together. Luckily, we knew we would see each other a few days later... when a very different kind of party would take place. What kind of party was it?

Stay tuned...


  1. Yeah! I have been eagerly awaiting for this post! :)

    We had so much fun hanging out with you guys! My heart felt so heavy when I left on Sunday like I mentioned before a part of me was just taken away.

    And Mini-C just loved you and her Kuya and Ate!... and was still in awe by the tall, caucasian guy! heheheh!

    Seriously, I need to come back for just a girl's long weekend...maybe extend it for a week!

    Thanks again for everything!! You da bomb!!

  2. Your habit of photographing each meal before beginning reminds me of Tesla's compulsion to calculate the volume of each meal before eating.

  3. Have I told you lately that I think you're such a talented writer?

    I love the post... and jealous that I couldn't make it for the eating out part...especially the sweets!!

    I know what's coming next!!!!!!

    Coincidentally, I'm in the middle of writing one about our meet and greet too...but if I could just stop working....and sleeping...which I should be doing now. Good night, love you, can't wait for your next post.

  4. Sounds a lot like what we have planned for next week- all WW aside, I don't know if I could turn down Baked's caramel walnut cheesecake...

  5. I love Lam's face in the last photo. He looked so happy!! Great catch

  6. Wow--what a fabulous lunch & a beautiful dessert spread.

  7. And I thought I was the only one in the entire universe who had a Godsister!!!

    Also, I had dessert 2 of the last 3 nights...I am on a total roll. Hear you about the "gaining 25 lbs. from one meal" but then again, as of yesterday I am officially training for a half marathon so let the carbo-loading begin!

    Looks like a lovely day! xoxo