we're all about the decadence.

The college instructor (Roomie), the gr.1 graduate (Lam), and the nursery school graduate (Mini) have started summer holidays, and the boss/queen/event-organizer/mommy-diva (need I say who?) finally finished the annual "Birthday Week" Extravaganza.

So, from now until the end of August, dear friends, we are resting and relaxing. In fact, you can even say we're living the life of royalty by...

  • wearing crowns
  • this is especially important whilst relaxing on the very regal Sponge Bob chair and ottoman.

  • eating chocolate-dipped strawberries for days in a row
  • the chocolate fudge must be specially made by Chef Nenette, the most exclusive and awesome mommy chef EVER.

  • wearing weird glasses and not caring what the unwashed masses think
  • glasses are courtesy of the goodie bags celebrity swag at the recent IOK bash.

  • getting special facial treatments, including the very exclusive Eyebrow Combing
  • if your daughter royal aesthetician includes this treatment in your program, it's probably time to trim your eyebrows.


    1. Great relaxing, love it!

    2. I wear my tiara at least three times a week. Isn't that normal? (Though I must say - I don't have a Sponge Bob chair/ottoman. I'll have to look into that.)

    3. chocolate-dipped strawberries - yum! and eyebrow-combing - that's new! ;-p

    4. Loved your post on the Canada Blog site - so, just had to click over!

      Nice to meet you!