and family weddings are even better.

I know, I know -- you're thinking "Where the hell have your frickin' posts been, Nenette?" They're all in my brain, folks, because I've been too busy (a) recovering from the most awesome family wedding, and (2) dining out with out-of-town and soon-to-be-out-of-town friends and family.

This means (1) I'm somewhat well-rested, and (b) I have a TON of blog fodder. You will be bleeding out of every orifice with the sheer number of posts I have for you to read. Okay, I actually hope not, because, you know, ew -- but if you do, you should probably go and get that checked out.

First out of the hopper...

The Wedding of the Year

I've been sitting on, wrestling with, fondly caressing, necking outrageously with, and smashing the crap out of this post for days!!!

SO MUCH wonderfulness happened that day that I'm not sure if I can do it any justice with my usual narrative. I usually do really well with lists and pictures, so guess what you're getting!

Yup, I present to you the outstanding moments -- the highlights, if you will -- of the wedding of Car and Mar Flores, my dear "little brother" and his beautiful bride, in point form!

I remember... (in no particular order) - click on the photos to enlarge...

- Arriving at the church just as the bridal party was walking up the aisle. Mariel, the beautiful bride who was outside in the sunshine waiting for her cue, called my name, and despite being minutes away from getting married, she said, "I'm glad you made it! I've heard so much about you!" with an incredibly sweet and radiant smile.

- Being so pleased and proud of my little brother, all grown up, and getting married.

- Fiercely hugging my cousin Zandra, who I've missed so much, and finally meeting her dear beau Fran in person (I'm already stalking him on Facebook).

- Gawking at the odd priest who reminded Zandra and me of Gilbert Gottfried. Fran stopped her just as she was going to tweet it -- she did it after the service.

- Giggling as said odd priest kept forgetting the bride's name. He didn't call her by the wrong name, but he said um, ah, uh a lot while rustling through papers hunting for her name.

- Going to 7-11 after the long, hot service so Mini and I could cool off with slurpees.

- Pictures with my beautiful cousins Zandra and Chrystalle, and seeing the familiar ginormous boobs and prominent non-filipino noses inherent in our family. (Aren't we Alejandria ladies overflowing in gorgeocity?!)

- The awesome number of people in the bridal party... yes, you see 2 tiers of bridesmaids, groomsmen, and sponsors. And that's not including the godparents, flowergirls, and ringbearers!

- Zandra winning over Mini with several trips to the punch bowl and wedding cake. (Photos taken by Mini!)

- Mini getting to know her beautiful titas (aunties). Seriously, aren't they smokin' hot?!!!

- Mini's snazzy blue glasses.

- enjoying time with my dear family (aunt, uncle, and cousins from BC).

- Dancing the cha-cha with my Uncle Cesar just like old times -- and getting tired WAY before he did! I swear the dude has the energy of the Energizer bunny!

- Almost missing the garter/bouquet toss because Zandra and I were having such a great time catching up and gossiping in the lobby/lounge.

- Seeing so many of my dear cousins including Cyndi and HDR.

- the Spartans coming to claim the garter. (Um, Carlito, you probably should've taken that helmet off first.)

- Carlito's pantsing -- the filipino version of the medieval "bedding" ritual of taking the groom's pants off in preparation -- he had a very modest pair of underwear shorts on.

- Zandra, Mini, and me raiding the dessert table.

- Mini so happily enjoying her new purple frog stuffy from her Tita Zandra and Tito Fran. She named it Frisbee.

- the bride and groom giggling over my Very Important Advice for Newlyweds. I wonder if they actually took it -- oh, no, I don't want to know. Yikes. :)

- And finally... Mini not wanting to go home at the end of the night!!!

I have to admit that it felt like the night ended way too soon, but in all honesty, my feet hurt and Mini needed to sleep. We got home at 12:13am, WAY past Mini's bedtime. But seriously, no regrets. It was fine time to reunite with family and old friends, and introduce little Mini to ALL of them. I'm looking forward to seeing them all again.

Yes, yes, it's our turn to visit... sheesh... :)

Congratulations and Best Wishes to you, Mariel and Bouboy!
Much love to you both -- Enjoy your new adventure


  1. awww, nice photos. aren't family weddings the best?

  2. Family reunions are great!!!:)

  3. let me just say, you a beautiful women. and i love the idea of a 100 things about me. i scaned through it and i love what i've read so far and i'm sure to turn back to this page.

    I might just copy this idea if that is okay with you.

    Great blog, beautiful pics