For Maddie, Heather, and Mike...

A blog sister has lost her little girl. And there are no words. I just feel so heartbroken and sad. Lots and lots of sad.

So, I hugged Lam and Mini a little longer and a little tighter. Gave a little prayer of thanks that I still had them to play, talk, and laugh with -- and that they had the opportunity to grow and experience the wonders of this world for many more years.

And I shed a few tears for Heather and Mike. Parents should NEVER outlive their children. EVER.

So, for Maddie, Heather and Mike, I am spreading the word, turning my twitter page purple, and asking if you too would like to donate to the March of Dimes. Please do, so no one else has to lose their little one much too soon.


  1. Oh my...I can't explain how sorry I am for your friend. I am a mother of two preemies, one who had a very complicated journey (he spent the first year of his life hospitalized and came home with nurses), and a family we knew from the NICU just lost their son after a two year struggle....these babies fight so hard and to lose them is devastating. I'm walking for the family that we know April 26th here in NY.

  2. I've been so sad ever since I learned of little Maddie's passing. I'm just heartbroken for the family.

  3. @DawnRose:
    I hope your babies are doing well now, and I'm so sorry about the family who lost their son.
    There's no March of Dimes walk here where I live... so I'll be walking with you in spirit. :)

    It just happened so quickly & so unexpectedly. I'd just heard that they were at the hospital, then I'd heard she was gone. Devastating.