teaparties at my house are *always* this fun...

My kids think boneheading is funny.

You're probably thinking "What? Since when has 'bonehead' been a verb? Has Nenette been in the firewater again?" I'm completely sober for now. But if this is you, check this hilarious video because you'll need to know before I continue with my story. Just a few seconds will give you an idea of what it is. Go on. I'll wait...
(UPDATE: If YouTube says the video is unavailable, they're lying. Just hit "Refresh", and all will be well.)

Back? Okay. A few days ago, Mini decided to fire up the EasyBake and throw a tea party. Cake was Confetti Angel Food by the lovely Betty Crocker (just 3 tbsp of cake mix with 1 tbsp water for 2 little cakes!!!) and tea was water. It was super tasty awesome!!!

In appreciation after such a delightful afternoon repast, we gave our little girl a little peck on the cheek. Now, as you can see, just as I took the picture, someone decided to do a little boneheading...

And of course, #2 had to bonehead too... (what is she doing?!)

Yeah, they're weird. But they're mine. :)


  1. Your kids are so darn cute. Look at the expression on Lam's face in that last photo!

  2. Well, shoo. It says the video is no longer available. But, I think I get the idea from your pics. :)

  3. @Su:
    Thanks, Su. :) Yeah, Daddy's whiskers are a little ticklish.

    Oh, too bad! It's a funny video! If you ever encounter that again anywhere, just refresh the screen and you should be able to see the video then.

  4. i posted a note on my fb.

    so funny, ate!

  5. @Cyndi:
    Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks so much for the mention on FB, sweets!

  6. I had no idea ther was a "term"for this but My FIL did it! my dad's surprise party Saturday, we invited my FIL, My dad is standing with one of his long time friends and BAM my FIL pops his head inbetween the two heads. My Father has the photo. ugh! (insert over exaggerated eye roll)

  7. Cute photos!

    My uncle was great at boneheading. When he and my aunt traveled with my parents, he would get his head in every picture my Dad took.

    When I picture my uncle (who died not long after my Dad) it's often a photo from London with my Dad's description on the back:

    "Piccadilly Circus - clown"

  8. @kyooty:
    I didn't know either until my husband showed me the video. :)

    Oh, that's hilarious! "Piccadilly Circus - clown" - do you still have that photo? :)