sharing the love on pi day

What kind of nerd would I be if I didn't celebrate Pi Day?! So...

Happy Pi Day!

Here's how more than 3.14 of my fellow nerds party on this most irrationally awesome 22nd Annual Pi Day...

1. B-Mac eats some - and it's lemon meringue just like mine!

2. A number fundamentalist Christians aren't on board with?

3. Steph would rather have Pie Day (I don't blame 'er!), but celebrates Pi Day anyway.

4. Jen (Momma) shares her Pi Day ideas. I'm giving her a "High Pi". :)

5. Sing some Pi Day carols:
: Pi Rap
: Pi Day Song (Lose Yourself in the Digits)
: Pi Pi Mathematical Pi
: Pi by Hard n' Phirm
: Cherry Pie by Warrant

6. Get a widget or chicklet to countdown to the NEXT Pi Day here.

7. Buy Pi-raphernalia:

Pi Ice Cube Tray


  1. ...and a High Pi to you, fellow nerdlinger!

  2. Happy Pi Day--I love the ice cube tray!

  3. So fun! Gotta love geeks and I love pi, all kinds!

  4. Hey we celebrated Pi Day too. We bought Apple Pie and Banana Split Pie to enjoy. We had so much fun we're making it a yearly tradition.

  5. Love Pi Pi Mathematical Pi and the ice cube tray too. I'm going to have to jump on the bandwagon with celebrating this holiday.

    Stopping in via 52WoC.

    P.S. How's the books that became movies list going? I posted my own list in a long comment about a month ago, but it was lost in cyberspace. I didn't have it in me to recreate it.

  6. @Lynn:
    Thanks for the reminder about the movie-books! I was going to do an update post at the end of Feb, but kept putting it off, until I finally forgot!
    I hope you still join. You can give us your list on the update post. I should be writing it next week.

  7. Save this pi10K experiment for next year's celebration, done by a guy in my neighborhood:

  8. @Lynn:
    LOVE IT!!! Thanks! I'll definitely bookmark it for next year. :)