sex cauldron?! I thought they closed that place down...

Gorgeous, ain't it? :)
(If you're going all "uh, wha?", you're probably reading this in a feedreader or via email, so go click over to my site right now.)

I wanted a more fresh and natural look, but didn't want to completely change lifecandy's template design. So, I used my mad coding skillz to rip off my soon-to-be-defunct, barely-started organic/natural beauty site. Go have a look if you wish.
With writing for the Canada Moms Blog, weekly volunteering in Lam's class, and my daily sitting on the couch, eating bon-bons, and watching hottie-hot Gary Sinise on CSI:NY reruns housework and parenting duties, I'll be shutting that site down. Yoinked the colours first though. :)
Lemme know what you think.


This weekend, Mini went on a shopping spree and spent the allowance she'd been saving all these months (yes, MONTHS -- a 4yo doesn't get that much per week.) So, while her father and brother went to the mall cinema to watch the ever-yummy Rock... I mean Race to Witch Mountain... we raced around the crowded mall for these things...

Webkinz Cotton-Candy (bunny), Pinkie (fish), and the Playmobil Baby Nursery set... all thankfully on sale.
The pink bag is the carry case for the white/pink Webkinz puppy not pictured here. It's in her bag at school for Show-and-Tell.

Anyway, the addition of the new Playmobil Baby Nursery set has given new life to their entire Playmobil world. The whole bucket of accessories, including vacation home, DHL truck, portapotty, and airplane -- which is frickin' huge! -- has made its way back down into the familyroom "frequent use" zone.

Last night, Mini managed to harass her brother into playing Playmobil with her for the 18th time that weekend. I couldn't understand what they were doing, what stories they'd made up, who the characters were, why they were going on a plane ride, but boy, they were getting along. They're not fighting -- only fools break the peace by asking questions.

This morning, during a quick clearing-floor-of-toys session, Roomie found this piece of paper on one of the little buildings.

Yes, it says "Naked Ladies Club". In my son's printing. My kids have a strip-joint/brothel in their little toy town. Good grief.


  1. Ummm.... does it fit into either of these cases?

    Like father, like son?

    I want a girl, just like the girl who married dear old dad? She was a pearl, etc...

    When father and son "went to watch Witch Mountain", are you certain they didn't sneak off to the Chalet?

    One of the greatest things about Winnipeg that you don't appreciate until you move away is that:
    a) practically every hotel has a rockin' bar or pub
    b) many of them feature dancing girls at lunch or afternoon. And they discreetly advertise the event as a "lunch buffet", unlike the gigantic lit-up signs on Montreal's St Catherine Street advertising "Le Chateau de Sexe" etc.

    The thing is, I don't recall any of them being too close to your home, unlike the year you spent in Vancouver living across the street from Mugs and Jugs. But it's not as if your little angel could know about this!

  2. Hey fellow canada mom...

    first, I love the new look!

    & am laughing out loud at the naked ladies club. But I hear you - if they're not fighting, enjoy your peace and quiet.

  3. @Albert:
    I think it's more a than b, because mommy doesn't parade around in the buff like she did pre-baby. :)
    Anyway, he's too much his father's son.

    We were at St.V for the movie and shopping... hmmm... the dakota is close by...

    @cheesefairy clara:
    Hi Clara!
    Always great to get a comment from a co-worker ;)
    Glad you like the new colours... and yes, the kids are almost always fighting, so you want the rare calm moments to last, and last, and last... :)

  4. That's hilarious. Please tell that story at your son's wedding...

  5. I love the colours. Gorgeous. It looks clean, pretty and spring-like :)

  6. Yeppers, I gotta agree with Amy. You keep that photo for the wedding slideshow!

    And the website looks AWESOME! Are you still tinkering? ;) I am... my redesign will never be done... sigh.

  7. oh boy!! hi!!! long time no see!!

  8. @Amy:
    Yes, definitely, I will keep that on file for just such an occasion... along with all the others. LOL!

    Thank you! "Spring-like", yes, I like the sound of that. :)

    @Bionic Beauty:
    Thanks, Jami! I don't know if I'm ever going to be completely done tinkering (you know how it is :D), but I think I'm going to stop for now.
    Hurry up and get your tinkering done! I can't wait to see! :)

    At the rate of my son's antics, I think the slideshow is going to cut into the dancing and cake-cutting at his wedding reception!

    MARY!!! My fellow-Scorpi! I thought that was you commenting at the Canada Moms Blog! So glad to hear from you! :)

  9. They may be naked, but they're laaaaddddies, right?

    Is this an upside?

  10. @wyliekat:
    Ah, yes, as biological grandchildren would be nice. :)

  11. Does Playmobil have a strip club set you can get him as a gift? After seeing this insane (and insanely expensive) Playmobil set I'd be surprised if they don't!