no, because daddy doesn't use his knowledge for evil

It was warm -- warm enough for Mini to open her car window on the way home from school for a nice cool breeze.

Mini: "Mama, when we get home, can I leave the window open?"

Me: "No, you shouldn't. For one thing, someone might come in, start the car, and steal it --"

Lam: "No one will steal it if we make sure that we don't leave the keys inside the car."

Me: "Oh, you can still start the car without the keys. It's called hot wiring."

Lam: "Do you know how to hot wire a car?"

Me: "No, but your dad probably does."

Lam: "Uh... has Dada ever stolen a car?"

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  1. hi! just dropping by and i thought i'd let you know i found this uber-funny! hehehe. how DO you explain hot-wiring to a kid?! ahahha!