Christmas Through the Digital Cyclops.

Happy Holidays, dear LifeCandy friends :)

I hope it's been a good one for you. Mine has been just peachy. And busy. In between the pockets of sick, we managed to find energy bursts that allowed us to make merry with friends and family.

In lieu of talking about our celebrations, I present them to you in photos. Yes, they are few. Please excuse. I didn't get a lot of usable pictures because I either ...
(1) didn't bring the camera to all events,
(2) didn't go to every event we were invited to,
(3) ended up with too many pictures of drunken friends and plan to save the shots for blackmail purposes,
(4) didn't take enough good photos to choose from because I was too drunk,
(5) have -- as you all know by now -- always tried to preserve the privacy of my family and friends, and ended up with too many face-on shots that I wouldn't post.

There is an exception to (5) who insisted on posing specifically for a blog photo -- well, you'll see. :)

1: Harmzie's Annual Christmas 'Do.
No pictures unfortunately. But I did tell you about the hangover the day after.

2: Sly's Annual Christmas 'Do.
Here's our hostess. Yes, that's how Sly welcomed all of her guests: toy gun in hand lounging in an awesome chair she fished out of the trash. Truth. Well, at least the chair part.
Sly posed for different versions of this shot. This one she approved for blog posting. The others I will use to prevent her from having a political career... I love you, Sly. ;)

Check out Sly's spread! Now, THAT'S one girl who knows how to please her friends. You know I'm talking food, right? I really go to her parties for the cheese cake. This girl makes a killer cheese cake.

Okay, we all know where the party really is. In the kitchen with the hot babes. Oh, look, there's me on the far right! Hmmm, me thinks I had a good hair day.

3: Christmas Day Family Dinner.
We all gather at Roomie's brother's house for this annual family event. We share cards, gifts, and time with the people who we love, know we're crazy, and love us back anyway despite or maybe because of it. :)
Here's the bobble bird that Gramma gave Mini. It has a special place of honour on the shelf in front of her favourite books.

This is Mini's present from my sister Ning. A Baby Alive doll my daughter calls Flower. She sips from a cup when you squeeze her tummy and wets her diaper.
: doesn't require batteries. Not love: replacement diapers (sold by the doll company) are expensive. I plan on sewing my own reusable cloth diapers instead -- Mini approves.

The 2nd glass of wine I had that evening. Yup, I drank booze again. It was bottled by my SIL's mom and sister, so how could I refuse?! It was smooth and tasty. Very fruity. Even after eating more than I should've of the tasty turkey dinner, I was feeling not ill -- which was unusual after I drink any alcohol -- and buzzed. No surprise. And no regrets. :)

4: Home for Christmas.
Here's the loot I found under the tree JUST FOR ME. I didn't ask for much, just a few favourites:
Hugo Naturals Energizing Grapefruit Body Lotion, Avalon Organics Vitamin C Serum, a week-at-a-glance datebook, Much Dance 2009, Special Edition Monty Python & the Holy Grail DVD, and The Phantom of the Opera DVD -- starring, of course, my secret boyfriend Gerard Butler.

And here's the picture of my newly-redecorated living room with Tree I promised y'all. Cozy, eh? I love it, and coming down on Christmas Morning to this beautiful vignette with my family was wonderful. Too bad our video camera -- the impulse buy for our 2000 wedding -- crapped out on us.

Anyway, we were happy, the kids were happy, and I really couldn't have asked for a better Christmas. Hope yours was just as swell. :)

Stay warm, stay cool, and rest up... it'll be New Years' Eve before you know it!

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  1. I really like how the living room is turning out, Nenette! Looking real good...
    Happy New Year to you and your family. I hope that 2009 brings you lots of happiness.