how to catch a soft, cute, cuddle, and very clever bunny.

It would appear that I haven't been fast enough in coming through on my promise to get Mini a soft, cute and cuddly pet.

On November 16, she decided to take matters into her own hands and bag herself a bunny. From out in the backyard. With a box and string.
Oh, and some signs -- 'cause, you know, bunnies are clever enough to read signs.
That tell them to get into boxes.

Like every good inventor, Mini tested her prototype inside the house, and it was Mama's job to document the experiment -- important when trouble-shooting and reproducing the set-up.

Step 1: The Lure - a drawing of a carrot tied to a nice bright pink string. The drawing sits in the mudroom and looks very tasty.

Step 2: The string from the lure leads to the box situated in the kitchen. Our soon-to-be caught bunny will follow the string, knowing full well it will only be caught for cuddling purposes, because, you know, it's clever.

Step 3: Here is a closer look at the box. It has been coloured and scribbled on for camouflage purposes from other animals yet easy for our clever bunny to realize it is a fun and safe place that will lead to cuddling.

Step 4: I present a very important component of the apparatus: the arrow to alert our clever bunny that they should go *that way* and into the box.

Step 5: Finally, if the bunny is, in fact, clever, it will end up in the box, like so:

Mini's bunny catcher has not been used in the field yet. So, we are currently bunny-free.
And that's okay. We plan to get a kitten from the Humane Society before the spring.

Mini's holding on to her bunny catcher... just in case.


  1. That's one cute bunny catcher...we should all try it! :)

    All the best in 2009 to you and yours!

  2. Very cute reward for the bunny.

    And, it's all in the details you see, like the pointer, colour of the string...

  3. OMFG!!!! The SIGNS!!!

    "We need a sign on the stairs to tell people not to go upstairs because our room's a mess" :-| (no, we need just not *invite* them up there where they're not allowed anyway! ...AND clean up our room)

    "We need a sign pointing to the light switch so people know where to turn on the light"

    "We need a sign saying that the food is in the kitchen"

    At 6, my daughter already knows that people are stupid. What I have to remind her of is that the people we let into *our* house are *not* stupid ;-)