The World is Just Awesome

When this commercial comes on, the family comes running into the room to watch.

And the other day, I overheard my 4yo Mini, lying in her Dora tent with her little foot sticking out, singing "I love the whole world; it's such a brilliant place...", over and over.

It would appear that my favourite commercial has also become theirs.

You know the one.

Sing it with me: "Boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da, boom-de-ya-da..."


  1. Those commercials give me goosebumps! LOVE THEM!

  2. dammit!!!

    This was just an idea I had for a post. Get out of my head :-P

    It was a little different, so it won't (should I ever get around to it) be blatant plagerism. But: dammit!!!

    Now, profanities aside; frustration off my chest, this (below) is one of my favourite comics. I thought it was cool. Then about six weeks later, my kids were chanting this annoying "boomdeyada" thing. Then a couple of weeks later, my hubby pointed out what they were singing (when it was on tv) and that they, too come running when it was on (mostly the 3yo). THEN one night, with DC on in the background, I heard it about 16 times, but never got there in time to hear the whole thing. Yeah, I'm a little slow on the whole "pop culture" thing.

    Thanks for posting this! (despite my yammerings above)

  3. @wyliekat:
    I almost burst into tears and have to hold myself back from going out and hugging everyone and everything I see after every time I watch this. So, if you see a crazy Filipina crying, singing that song, and hugging a tree in Crescentwood, that'd be me.

    I had this scheduled for publication since last week, so I guess I was broadcasting my thoughts ahead of time again. Sorry 'bout that. :)
    I hope you still do post this on your blog!

    Love the strip.

  4. @harmzie: you think you're slow on the pop culture thing? This is the first time I've seen this.

  5. OK, I've seen it twice now. Already it's stuck in my head.

  6. "boomdeyada, boomdeyada.."lol, myrtle.

    Last night on the radio, the dj was talking of "ear worms" and said he would continue tonight, so today I emailed him (I have never done that) and said "four words: 'B,B,B,B" if you don't get it, google it"

    Did you know that if you google it, there's a *more* correct way to spell it? Try it! you'll get "did you mean___?" You'd think if you make up a word, you can't get anal about the spelling...

  7. @myrtle:
    We'll keep you in the know, girlfriend ;)

    I always rely on google to correct my spelling, but I swear I didn't check it for the correct spelling of 'boom-de-ya-da'. Just got lucky, I guess. I've read so many different spellings of that already.

  8. nonono! I didn't say that to correct your spelling (I *know*! strange, eh? Just this once!) I just thought it was weird the spelling "they" chose! No idea (don't care?) if it's Google or DC. I like ours much better.

  9. Nope, never saw it until now. They don't play that on the stations I get. At least not at the hours I watch.

    I had seen the xkcd comic but I just thought it was a non-sequitor. Oops.

    I guess the commercial's cute, but it's not going to change my life. It's no Randy Pausch last lecture... :-)

  10. I love that commercial too!! My favorite part is when the African tribe man yells the "Boom-da-yadah" with a spear and shield in hand.

    "BOOM-DE-YADAH!!" He really loves the world.

  11. @harmzie:
    I didn't think you were trying to correct my spelling. And even if you were trying to correct my spelling, I'd pretend you weren't. ;)

    Oh, and DC actually spells it "boom de ah dah". You can see it in this DC video with Mike Rowe, the Cash Cab guy, the Deadliest Catch guys, and the dreamy Josh Bernstein (the *real* reason why I watch Digging for the Truth):

  12. @harmzie:
    I still love you though :)

    We love that bit the best too! Although I also love the Josh B. loving tornadoes too. :)

    Can you imagine the work that went into that commercial? The monks, the tribal dancers, the magma bit, and yes, Josh in a tornado. Impressive.

  13. I can't believe that's the first time I've seen that commercial - thank you for sharing (kinda reminds me of those Seasons Greetings Coke commercials from the seventies - boy am I showing my age).

  14. And if there's a crazy white chick doing same in Fort Rouge, you'll know, too.


  15. Oh nen, you always have to bring it back to the primal, don't you! ;-)

    I have to say that, not initially catching the name (or show) you were referring to, I thought you meant the Dirty Jobs guy. I was a little surprised, but then a little intrigued! I like a funny guy! And hey, he makes fun of poo, so he subscribes to my baser levels (the humour. I'm not into poo, just to pre-empt albert - and nen - from jumping all over that)

    I like how they have to continue to flash "boom de ah dah" on the screen if you want to sing along :-| They may have made (north) america brighter (to paraphrase a commenter), but they've got a ways to go... ;-)

    Is the Canadian version out there? I miss Jay! (I could find it myself, but, y'know... the lazy thing?)

  16. @motherbumper:
    I'd say I've never heard of the Coke commercials, but I recently (and quite publicly) celebrated my 39th birthday here on my blog, so I'd be caught lying. :)
    Yeah, this commercial is reminiscent of that, isn't it?

    I'll keep my eyes peeled when I'm in that area. ;)

    Mike Rowe is the Dirty Jobs guy, and although I must say that I've never looked at him in *that way*, I perhaps should. I like funny a LOT.
    Josh Bernstein is the guy who basically rapped about loving adventure. His show Digging for the Truth is on the History Channel now although it used to be on DC. Josh B. now has a new show on DC. You can google him, I think he's also on IMDB. Cripes, I think my Freebie 5 list will have to be updated again.

    I didn't look very hard for the Canadian version. I'm afflicted with The Lazy too. But I must admit that isn't the same without Jay.

  17. I've never seen that commercial but I loved it! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside...kind of like all the bad in the world goes away for the duration of the commercial :-)

  18. HIGH FIVE - I turned 39 this year too. Damn, we both look great :)

  19. @kari:
    yes! that's it! all the wars and evils and terrorist are gone for a whole minute, and the world is a perfect place.

    HIGH FIVE BACK! Not too shabby for a couple of hot moms. ;)