So, I'm sure I gained 25lbs...

See this? It's a Three Layer Strawberry Cream Cake. And it was my birthday cake.
I took this picture the morning after my birthday. About 8 minutes after that, this tasty treat was in my belly.

Those who know me are probably asking "Why in the world is it not CHOCOLATE?!!!" Well, it's because my daughter doesn't like chocolate cake. I know! We fear she may have been switched at birth.

Anyway, no complaints. As I said, it was tasty.

The day started out like any other weekday. School. Home for lunch. Back to school. The usual.

The fun didn't start until after school, when I picked the kids up with the car, which according to my son is the only civilized way to travel. You see, my kids are apparently royalty and deserve door-to-door chauffeuring than get prodded by their tyrant of a mother down the less than 1/2 a kilometre to school. Uphill both ways.

We then crossed town to pick up Roomie from the College, and headed to Polo Park for dinner.

For all the non-locals in the audience, that's not some fancy-schmancy restaurant. It's a mall. Yes, folks, I had my birthday dinner at a food court. By choice. Seriously.

It was a win-win situation really. Everyone got to eat what they wanted -- the kids got KFC, Roomie got some noodle stuff, and I got my favourite Tom Yum with shrimp soup from Thai Express along with the Lychee Green Tea bubble tea from the Famous Wok.
And I didn't have to fight with anyone to eat their food. Believe me, it was worth it just for that.

It was my Birthday so I got the large soup. And when I mean large, I mean LARGE! "Bowl the size of a basket ball" large. And the bubble tea was large too.

With the cakes (yes, plural -- I had some of Roomie's leftover birthday cake), the soup, super-sweet bubble tea, and more Halloween candies than I care to count, my pants are more than a tad extra-tight. Crap.

So, now I'll have to work extra hard on reaching my goal weight in time for all the Christmas parties I plan to attend, where I will, of course, gain it all back again. Double crap.

Tom Yum Soup Image by adactio


  1. I hope your daughter realises how lucky she is! I *wish* I didn't like chocolate, I like it far too much really. Although I found some chocolate I didn't like last night, Cadbury Old Gold (dark choc) with liquer flavours (hazelnut, orange, irish cream and coffee). It was revolting. The only one I like is the orange, which is the one I thought I'd like the least when taking it off the shelf. Anyway, glad to hear you had a great birthday, that cake looks absolutely delicious! Nothing like a good piece of morning after cake too, that's the best time to eat any leftover dessert ;)

  2. I've been on a major soup kick lately. I suppose the cooler weather has something to do with it.

    It sounds like a lovely time was had by all for the occasion. I'm so glad!

  3. sounds yummy. I noticed the Thai Express at Polo Park but have yet to try it.

    I'm pretty sure I've put on 10lbs or so since Halloween. Not many kids this year so I ate most of the left over chocolate. Well either that or the boy would want it for supper. So it was to protect him. Yeah.

  4. You drive them to school and it's less than 500 metres? Isn't that a little nuts?

    (OK, 2 of our kids get driven, but it's about 2 miles --- just under).
    Kid 3 walks most of the time until it gets too cold, but it's a mile,
    and an unpleasant one at that -- no sidewalks, no shade, no relief from any wind until you're within sight of the school.

    You've got to toughen up your offspring!

  5. @albert:
    No, I don't drive them to school... my son just *thinks* he should always be driven to school. There's a difference, my friend.

    I do take the car when I have other errands to run though.

  6. @nicola:
    Yeah, as one of the chocolate-obsessed, I do envy my daughter's indifference to it.
    I would've left the orange one as well and gone for the coffee. Dark chocolate and coffee liquer is such a great combination. I'm sorry it was so horrible.

    you must try the tom yum soup, if you haven't already. as long as they don't make it too spicy -- just a little kick -- it is very tasty and perfect for cool weather.

    let's meet up in the afternoon sometime at Polo Park!