Chop, Chop, Chop...

No, dammit, I'm never going to stop changing my blog's layout!

This time, with the exception of adding back my Twitter Updates, it's mostly removals.
Why? Well, it was feeling cluttered. It's amazing how slowly and insidiously those little gadgets and objects are. Next thing you know, you need to prune. So, on the chopping block were:

1) 3-column footer
- too much unnecessary distractions. I moved the credits to my About page, moved the Categories List and Followers List to one of the sidebars, moved the Creative Commons License to the bottom footer, and removed my Visitors Map altogether.
And after checking out some of my favourite blogs, I noticed that they've removed theirs too.

2) recent comments
- no one looks at this... or so I thought. It's made its way back.

3) "best of" posts
- another one that I don't think anyone looks at. If anyone likes this one, please let me know.

4) the Flickr pictures
- if I could find a better location for these pictures, I'd put them back. Where do you think they should go?

5) various widgets and badges
- moved into the Blogroll/Links page

I primarily want my visitors to focus on my posts and blogher ads, not the bells and whistles on the sidebars.

What's next? I want to do something else with my header... it might be just the tagline or maybe the whole thing.

Is there's anything you miss and would like to see again on my blog layout? Are there things you think I should remove from the layout? Please let me know!


  1. I'm trying to make some improvements on my blog as well. Too many bells and whistles kills a good thing.

    I think it's looking great now (not that it didn't before). I love "The Cool Kids"!

    I wish I knew how to do some coding so I could have more control over what I want to do, but it just isn't so :-)

  2. yay! comments are back! Now I can see if I have to go back and defend my stupid ramblings!

    (I may now have a place to ramble on my own, but it seems that it's way easier and much more fun to impose them on you!)

  3. !!! Bloody hell! Now I have another raving loony friend with a blog to follow!?! Don't you people ever stop talking?


  4. Fortunately for you, I'm not very prolific unless given a topic to snark about (yes, yes. Even that is highly questionable). Your precious time (and job) is no worse off... :-)

  5. Instead of recent comments it would be great if you could add a feed for them,

  6. @kari:
    knowing how to code can also be a curse! I've made all sorts of crazy changes because I can, but not necessarily because I *should*. :)

    okay, I'll add a comment
    feed subscription link too. thanks.