My New Dishwasher... Squee!

Yay! We finally bought a brand new dishwasher!

We bought the Kenmore 1374[9]... 9 because it's the black one, to match our stove and fridge. It's the highest rated by Consumer Reports for efficiency. And for it's reasonable price, it's great for extras like sound-insulation too, which is ideal for our open-concept home.

That's it in the pic. Ain't it pretty?! Actually, that's a picture of it in some swanky showhome with awesome french doors that I bet lead to an equally awesome deck with a super-awesome hot tub and wet bar. Hey, I want that house!

Anyway, ours is probably waiting at the Sears warehouse for delivery.

I'm glad we bought this lovely machine when we did. It's been forever since my old dishwasher died, and I've sorta hit a wall with handwashing our dishes. It takes a freakin' long time to wash all the stuff we use throughout the day -- time that could be better used cuddling my kids, writing a blog post, or reading Twilight... Curse you, blogosphere, for guilting me into reading this awesome book! Now I'm obsessed! Gah!!!

Anyway, I can't wait 'til my lovely dishwasher arrives! ETA: October 1 btw 5-9pm... Yippee!


  1. Don't worry, behind those "beautiful" french doors is only a bank of full spectrum lighting in the stark warehouse of a photo studio set up with facade-style kitchen cabinets. If you really need to feel envious of something, the grapes are probably real. And they look delicious! Oh, and the dishwasher. I think by law you have to actually photograph what you are selling and not some card-board mock-up. That looks delicious too, I might add!

    Congratulations. Enjoy AAAAALLLLL the free time you'll have to eat bonbons & lounge around in swanky clothing. I just *know* you'll do it! ;-)

  2. Yay for a new dishwasher! I would go koocoo without mine. Also, you have to love that running a full load is more energy efficient than having to do them by hand. Yay for Greenpoints!

  3. @harmzie -
    you know me so well, girlfriend ;) although after buying this machine, I'm not sure how many bonbons and swanky clothes I'll be able to afford!

    @kari -
    definitely saw a jump in water bill after the old dishwasher died! so, yes, this machine will definitely have me seeing "green" when it's in use :)

  4. wow, that looks fantabulous... well mine is dying, perhaps i should start shopping for a new one as early as now...

  5. Yay, new dishwasher!

    Ours is going again... we've replaced the control panel 2 times and looks like it'll be 3. ugh. No warranty this time, so we'll be forking over the $100+.

    Would you believe it also was rated highly on CR?

  6. I don't think we would cope without our dishwasher and you've bought yourself a really nice one there, we have a black cooker and black fridge and would love to have this in our kitchen

  7. It's been so long since we had a dishwasher (four years and nine months but who's counting - oh yes, I am). Someday soon I dream of having a new one. I'm happy for you - ENJOY :)

  8. true story: family party I was at on the weekend, sister (22), sister (25), aunt (50-ish), cousin (16) all RAVING about the book (& the series). Aunt telling peers (other 50-ishes) "you MUST read it". A spill-over from some of the summer raves I heard from some of the same people individually.

    I have been resisting reading a book about vampires (I mean vampires, really), but I am wearing down...

  9. @harmzie -
    I enjoyed and the book and couldn't put it down. That's why I didn't get any blog posts out at the end of last week! LOL
    You can borrow mine. I've finished it, and I'll be heading over to Costco today to buy the next couple of books in the series.
    And of course, the movie's coming out in late November:

  10. Welcome to the world of Twilight!!! :D :D :D

  11. @toni -
    Thanks! After your posts on Twilight, I just couldn't resist :)