Ever Have One of These?

Last Friday afternoon, Roomie and I had one of those moments. We were alone, the sun was shining on our skin, and it was magical...

We had... an uninterrupted conversation.

Yeah, the "we were alone" should've been the dead giveaway. The kids were at school, and Roomie and I had met at Stella's for some nosh.

As we drove home, our tummies full of caesar salad, we had one of those fun conversations we used to have before we had kids, where the topics flowed naturally and we weren't incessantly side-tracked to referee an argument or fill a request for apple juice.

Anyway, it started when I pointed at The Haberdashery...

Me: "Hey, look, they're moving! To Albert Street, I think." *squinting to see the sign on the store's window*

Roomie: "Who are their customers other than women and bald men?" *if curious could sound bitter*

Me: "They don't just sell hats, you know. I just read on The Bloggess what haberdasher means."

Roomie: "And it means?"

Me: "A dealer in notions."

Roomie: "Huh."

Me: "Yeah, and then she says 'Dude. I’m a dealer in notions.' Which I guess she is. I like Jenny... she so crazy."

Roomie: "As long as she's the good kind of crazy, and not the kind where you wake up covered in chocolate and she's stabbing you with an ice pick. What's that movie?

Me: "Basic Instinct? Or was it Fatal Attraction? They're the same movie to me."

Roomie: "The first one, I think. The other one's the movie that terrified men all over the world."

Me: "Well, both movies terrified that guy Michael... uh, what's his name?"

Roomie: "Michael Keaton?"

Me: "No, Michael Douglas, but you know, I was about to say Michael Keaton!"

Roomie: "I always get Michael Keaton confused with Billy Crystal."

Me: "Really? I get him confused with Steve Guttenberg."

Roomie: "When I think Steve Guttenberg, I always picture him in a police uniform saying 'I don't know, a juggling clown?'"

Me: "How did that go again?"

Roomie: "Some guy says, 'What kind of clown do you think I am?', and he says, 'I don't know, a juggling clown?'"

Me: "Yeah, that's funny."


  1. Wait, why would I cover you in chocolate if I'm going to stab you with an icepick. That's a horrible waste of chocolate. Unless it's chocolate syrup which I've always found kind of disgusting, in which case that scenario seems much more sane.

    Also, Fatal Attraction, Basic Instinct and Sliver are all the same movie in my head.

  2. I can't remember the last time I had a conversation like that. It sounds nice.... the thought of me sitting next to a significant other having a chuckle. I really must get over my reclusive lifestyle. LOL!

  3. @Jenny, The Bloggess -
    Sliver!!! Thank you! That 3rd one was on the tip of my brain, but I just couldn't get it.
    Okay, chocolate syrup... or maybe some of that powdered hot chocolate mix. I doubt that stuff has any real chocolate in it. But not the individual packets, because you'd probably need 10 of them to cover a whole person evenly.

    @Kari -
    Yes, get out there and meet people! Having conversations like that with one's self just isn't as fun. :)

  4. ok, so, roomie talking of clowns reminds me of the joke which for the longest time he insisted I told him but he forgot it and really wanted me to retell it, but I had no idea what he was talking about. All he could remember was the punch line which was "f*** you, clown!". So, once the Internets came along, one time I tried to look up the joke. It wasn't the least bit funny but all of the memories I had tied to it made it the funniest thing rattling around in my head for the longest time (now I've got kids so instead I've got jokes like "knock knock / who's there? / ice cream head / i-c-h who? / i-c-h poops in the toilet hahahahahahahahahahaha")

    Congratulations on your conversation. I recall a similar one last year. Coincidentally, we went to Stellas! I've never noticed that it was full of parents "getting away" hmm, I'll have to look closer...

  5. hmmm that was entertaining... what i miss the most though, is a very long laugh out loud moment... haven't had one in ages... :(