Am I too Filipino to Be Martha?

Dear Martha,

Since becoming a homeowner, I've put a lot of effort in making my home beautiful, organized, and efficient.

But it's still a mess.

I look around at my familyroom, and it's riddled with the numerous crafts created and discarded by my little girl, electronic gadgets strewn around by my son, and my husband's numerous "projects" -- I fear his rocket-bike will come to fruition in the near future.

Decluttering is a common activity in this house, and it never ends.

I want to have herbs on my window sill, curtains that match my decor, the hideous green wall colour out of my kitchen/familyroom, and apple pie cooling on my counter.

I want to be Martha. Alas, I have dark hair, while you are blond. I am tanned, while you are fair. I am Filipino -- a very proud one, I might add -- while you are... not Filipino.

But all is not lost. Maybe, just maybe if I read your blog: The Martha Blog, I'll learn how to do all those things... maybe I will be like you in the ways of home zen.... and be a Filipina Martha perhaps?

Be well,

ps - Not all Filipinos are as disorganized and clutter-infested as me. Just saying.

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