Picnic in the Livingroom...

With the sofa finally out of the livingroom, Mini decided it was time for a picnic.
She spread the blanket and laid out the food. She even brought out her little Blue's Clues radio for some tunes to dine to.

To her delight, her entire family came to partake, even her too-cool-for-school brother. We drank pretend lemonade (with a real plastic lemon in it), sipped pretend soup (with a noodle that looked suspiciously like an ice cream cone), and ate pretend cake (with asparagus and watermelon in it).

We were polite and cordial, even drinking with our pinkies up. I do declare I think we're ready to dine with the Queen. Do you think she likes asparagus-watermelon cake?


  1. Anonymous27 July, 2008

    I want to go to a pretend picnic!!

  2. Children have such fantastic imaginations. At my party this past weekend, two of them spent hours and hours building a fairy house at the bottom of the garden, and when they came to show it off the level of detail, of what they could see and we couldn't, was incredible. I vaguely remember being like that!

  3. Love it! My kids do stuff like that all the time and I just love to sit and watch quietly. :-)

  4. @mrs.mogul -
    You'll definitely have many to come once the Girlie Mogul makes her entrance into the WOW (World Outside Womb). I never had picnics or tea parties with Lam, just Mini.

    @Sara -
    They're astonishing with their imaginations, aren't they? Sad that we lose that as we get older. Thanks for sharing, Sara!

    @Sarah -
    Roomie and I always get invited to the tea parties/picnics... sometimes I just want to sit and watch, but how can I turn down the invitation to such swankin' parties?! :)